Novelo Named as Top 11 Tech-Startup of the Year

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Alongside Pintrest, Airbnb, and eight other growing and well-known startups, Novelo was chosen as one of the top tech startups to watch for 2011. The list, compiled by Paratus Communications whose media partners include TheNextWeb and PR Daily, gathered together hot new startups that capture imagination and “are set to make waves.”

Novelo, a startup that has been up and running for only a mere four months, was founded by Herval Freire and Michelle Veronese– a duo of entrepreneurs from northern Brazil selected to participate in Start-Up Chile during the first round of 2011. Novelo is an e-commerce platform for brands and stores interested on selling products on Facebook that is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

On the list of hot startups to watch, Novel is described as the following:

Facebook has more than 700 million users, which makes many businesses think of ways to reach out to all those people and sell their very own products to them. The process of selling to people on Facebook is now made dead simple thanks to a service called Novelo. Novelo enables users to connect their products to over 700 million users, improving visibility and sales along the way. By choosing Novelo users can have all the functionalities that are usually associated with online stores integrated within their existing Facebook pages. Clever, right?

Start-up lesson(s): Novelo has managed to seamlessly integrate e-commerce functionalities into Facebook, enabling everyone to sell their products on the most popular social network. They have clearly been paying attention to what users want and managed to transform a need into an easy-to-use Facebook app.

To meet the team behind the startup, check out this video: