Novelo for Facebook E-commerce is Now Live

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Herval Freire and Michelle Veronese, founders of Novelo and Start-Up Chile participants are proud to announce that their service is now live and ready to use. From their startup’s blog, they share the exciting news:

Today is a very important day for the Novelo family. After 3 weeks of restless coding and hacking, Novelo – the first social commerce storefront platform of Latin America – is finally live in full force!

Although we launched as a private beta almost 2 months ago (in Brazil, our homecountry), I consider today as our “day one” since we’ve just debuted our revamped visual identity, awesome new logo, and website.

I’d like to thank every friend that helped us in this long walk, in special the Start-Up Chile program (and awesome team), who provided us the funds and support to hire the first members of the most awesome team of hackers and designers the world has ever seen (hello Cristian and Bruno!), our “new old friend” Amir (founder of Plurk) for all the invaluable inputs and hints, and most of all, our almost 50 beta users, who provided very thorough and useful feedback, keeping us motivated despite the long hours of work (special props to our comics man, Manassés!). Thank you, Noveleros!

We are just starting – today is the first day of a global sprint to become the defacto platform for social commerce. And we couldn’t be more excited.