Noumad Launches Exclusive Property Sharing Network

Projects & Participants

Noumad, a startup born through a partnership between two Wharton students, Martín Muñiz and Marc Montserrat, launched this week on the Wharton campus in Philadelphia, obtaining 182 members in their first 24 hours. The startup offers a web-based platform that enables members to share or rent assets in a trustworthy and social environment.

Members who are interested in joining upload their online social network (Facebook, for example) to the platform and will be able to post assets and set a price for each asset. Examples of assets that Noumad will featured include apartments, 2nd homes, yachts and golf memberships. Members will also be able to browse, book, and eventually rent other members’ assets, where both the lessor and lessee will see their mutual social connections.

Noumad, thus, enables people to capitalize their existing social network to “safely (1) monetize underutilized assets, (2) find and access available assets, and (3) strengthen their social ties through real-life exchanges,” says Martín. Marc adds that “along with allowing people who own underutilized assets to monetize them safely, Noumad addresses two fundamental needs: (a) people’s need to strengthen and grow their social network through real experiences, and (b) people’s need to ‘trade up’ their travel experiences. Noumad’s vision is to improve people’s standard of living by transforming access to high-end travelling experiences.”

Take a look at this video to learn more about what Noumad has to offer: