Nothing is too far away: suppers network at the very end of the world!


Nothing stopped Grant Devine of Ignis Ventures, Salvador de la Barrera of Flipter, and Alec Manfre of Bractlet when organizing a meetup at the very end of the world. On July 9th and 10th, they organized meetups at Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas, literally where the world ends. Gorgeous landscapes served as the perfect place to talk about how to build a business, adding some emphasize on the tourism industry and on sustainability. Morgan Croney and Ruthie Harris of Art Qualified also attended the meetup and  shared their experiences. Each company gave a short pitch and then they talked about their experiences in the Start-Up Chile program and starting their own companies. Grant said they “talked about barriers to starting a new venture like the fear of the unknown, investment, how to take the first step, what do after you take the first step, etc.”
What´s more interesting though, is what he had to say about the experience of talking at Patagonia. “What struck me the most about their ideas is they were all about helping their community and their towns. I think sometimes in the startup community we get so focused on making or finding the next BIG thing we forget about the local businesses and local entrepreneurs that have a direct effect on the people around them everyday. It was inspiring and humbling to talk with locals who have BIG ideas, but for the people around them.” Awesome, isn´t it? But no pain, no game: “At the same time though the biggest thing holding these potential entrepreneurs was themselves. There is a fear that others will steal their idea so they never start talking about it in the first place. One thing I have learned is the best way to make your idea a reality is to talk about it and as much as you can. It was this obstacle along with the fear of failure that holds people back.”
That is exactly what Vivek Wadwha told us on his last visit to Chile, remember?