Nibu gets featured on Emol, dozens of people thank them for their work


Start-Up Chile participants from Nibu got featured on Emol, one of the most read Chilean online media outlets. Nibu works with stores and cafes to build a reliable WiFi network, in order to make it possible for lots of people to stay connected to the web even if they don´t have a phone they could use to stay connected. They say they are working to be able to “illuminate” entire neighborhoods, providing a strong and reliable service.

Nibu got at least 3 dozens of comments under their feature, all of them from people encouraging them to keep going. Nibu is another great example of bright, smart ideas giving solutions that make thousands of lives a little bit better.

Keep going, Nibu! and you, dear reader, keep in mind you could be living the dream just like our friends at Nibu are: apply to our program here! Process open only until April 3rd!