New law makes Chile the fastest country to incorporate your company (its online and for free!)


Its a beautiful day for entrepreneurs! Last night, Congress approved a project that will revolutionize how new businesses are set up in Chile. Thanks to this new law, entrepreneurs will be able to incorporate companies online, in just one day, and for free! Just a few clicks will take your ideas from a mere project to a legalized business! This law positions Chile as the country with the fastest process to incorporate a new business, and we are thrilled because the Minister of Economy committed to have the whole system working before May! 

All the initiatives supporting entrepreneurship in Chile (Corfo, Asech, Start-Up Chile, and pretty much all the folks you hear about in this blog) have been pushing for this law for years, and its finally a real law and an accomplished goal. On 2013, you´ll see many awesome initiatives like this new law go live, because 2013 was designated by the President as “El Año de la Innovación” (The Year of Innovation) where all Chileans will celebrate innovation as a state of mind we all can absorb. Innovation doesn´t need to be about complicated algorithms and rocket science, it can be just about making the right adjustments that will make life easier for all. This law is a great way to make life easier for entrepreneurs, isn´t it?

The Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem keeps getting stronger, and this law is another motivation for you to apply to our program and come to Chile tu turn your ideas into profitable businesses. We don´t require you to incorporate in Chile but, isn´t it good motivation how easy the process it? Application process opens in March!

Pic by  bayasaa on Flickr (cc)