#neverstop. Keep hustling, keep the media talking!


We believe in the power of persistence and determination. #neverstop, and the world will be yours.

And so will be people’s attention! Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs are getting featured on the press, and we hope that inspires many more to go that extra mile and become entrepreneurs!

Alex Asher is the founder of Top Trainer and a member of our 7th generation. He joined the family just a few days ago. Read about him, here! 

“Diabeto is a non-intrusive Bluetooth powered hardware device which enables the transfer of Glucose readings from Glucometer into a Smartphone” summarizes Startoholics.in. MedioTrabajo.cl is one of the startups recently welcomed in our 7th generation. They got featured by Emol!

Leanbirds got featured at StartupsFM, read it here!  Susana Cipriota is the eye-opening co-founder at Leanbirds, who is not afraid to risk it all by launching both a startup and a baby at the same time. Watch her featured here with her lovely newborn, Simona.

French entrepreneurs keep looking at Start-Up Chile closely! We are also becoming trendy in Belgium, watch out!

Ignacio Reyes is the founder of Fantastic.cl and writes at FayerWayer about proudly creating products from Chile. Share with him on the comments, here! Let´s Jock got featured by Diario Financiero. Matching competitors, brands and trainers has never been this easy.

SUP alumni Anushka Fernando-Goonetilleke got featured by The Sunday Times in Sri Lanka. Entrepreneurs over there, apply to Start-Up Chile! Nubelo got featured by Bolivian media, here.

Simon Schuetz and his Awesome Maps are featured on DW and Azonia is at El Otro Mate.  Soukboard got featured at Startups FM on their quest to help small businesses to be the best they can be! Braclet, one of the very first startups in the program, got featured by  Venture Atlanta, read more about them!

The Gigabot got featured by El Mercurio. Its time for SouthAmerica to understand the potential 3D printing has! FunFork got featured by Diario Financiero, read the piece here!

Start-Up Chile received 1386 applications for its 8th round, and both Diario Estrategia and El Mercurio published about it. El Economista, meanwhile, is very impressed at the 24MM raised privately by Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs.