More about Start-Up Chile´s Demo Day: in the news!


The first Demo Day ever held in Chile went everything but unnoticed. In addition to all the press we got prior to the event, some of the best reporters in town showed up at the event, and here are some of the pieces they published.

Make sure to read Qué Pasa´s feature on Hernán Kazah, who commented on the opportunities ahead for a country like Chile. Read it here (Page 13!) . Hernán Kazah also talked to Soledad Onetto on her radio show at Radio Cooperativa. Listen to him and to Bedy Yang, from 500 startups, starting under “Qué artículo de computación compro?” at minute 47 HERE 

CNN Chile stopped by the Demo Day and interviewed Horacio, some entrepreneurs and investors. Kuddos for The Social Radio and Mi Buzz TV, watch the video by the end of this post!

LUN also got interested in our Demo Day, and we love it. People´s lives can be improved by technology, tech news is news for everyone.