Minister of Economy Officially Inaugurates Start-Up Chile

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Minister Juan Andrés Fontaine greets the entrepreneurs and press.

After months of anticipation, Chile’s Minister of Economy, Juan Andrés Fontaine, gave the official green light for Start-Up Chile to scale up to a second phase in 2011, announcing the aperture of 300 new vacancies for the program. Accompanied by the 25 teams of participating entrepreneurs, supporters from the Ministry of Economy and CORFO/InnovaChile, and the local press, he welcomed those who have already arrived and began a direct dialogue with them about their experience thus far in Chile and how they are helping to convert Chile into the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America.

On that note, Minister Fontaine stated: “We want to position Chile as the business platform of Latin America and the world, attracting foreign talent with the end goal of generating culture and an exchange of knowledge with the local entrepreneurs.  We want global entrepreneurs who see internationalization as fundamental if we, as Chile, want to compete with developed countries.”

With the end goal of attracting 1,000 entrepreneurs to participate before the end of 2014, it has been calculated that Start-Up Chile will spur the creation of 2,000 local jobs and that 65,000 contacts with Chilean entrepreneurs via talks, seminars, and meetings will be made.

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