“Minería Chilena” is talking about SOS Systems. History could have been so different!


We are happy that our friends at SOS Systems got featured on Minería Chilena, renowned media outlet focusing on the mining industry. Just as it was commented on Twitter, we can´t stop thinking how different history could have been for the 33 miners in Atacama if there were more startups devoted to fix this problem. Truth to be told, SOS Systems still has a great market in Chile, because several miners got trapped even after the country went through the horrible experience with Atacama. Its great to hear that there are people out there like Ben France and his team, devoted to use technology to prevent this kind of tragedy. Now that´s commitment to help others!

Read the article HERE and don´t hesitate to apply to Start-Up Chile is you are thinking of a product that could help people in disastrous situations. Yo can apply here until April 3rd.