Meet the new generation (4) of The S Factory

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The entrepreneurs selected are coming from 17 countries. They will receive 10 million pesos (about US$ 15,000), a working visa for a year to come to Chile and access to the biggest startup community in the world to begging their journey.

After the application process for the 4th generation, which took place in July, 29 young startups have been chosen to be part of the flagship entrepreneurial program of the Chilean government.

In this new generation, the most represented countries are Chile (23%), USA (20%), India and Russia, both with 7%.

The most represented industries from this batch are from IT & Enterprise Software (17%), Education (17%), Finance (13%), Energy & Clean Tech (13%) and Media & Advertising (7%).

The companies selected for the 4th generation will start the program on October 3rd 2016. All the female founders must be in country during that week to begin the orientation process and kick-off their experience as Start-Up Chile TSF entrepreneurs.

As a requirement, entrepreneurs must remain in the country for the duration of the program (3 months).

The startups will also have the chance to apply to Start-Up Chile Seed that offers CLP 20 million (approximately USD 30,000) to companies with at least a validated prototype.


Meet Generation 4!


1. Analysall (Chile): Analysall is a web application for better management and collaboration in research. On it researchers can design, analyze and visualize results from experiments and also provide everyone access to the scheduling, inventory and experimental data of project. The platform makes it possible to open collaboration between scientists across the world.

2. BeeHive (Ukraine): Our service makes small businesses clear, measurable and manageable by structuring the business processes and providing each employee with guidelines, workload info and reports for daily usage

3. Chip In (Switzerland ): Chip In makes saving a game you can play with friends and family.

4. Commercial View (Argentina): Commercial View is a tool for businesses, which allows them to offer a new and more realistic online shopping experience to their customers, integrating trends like webrooming and showrooming, combining the advantages of physical buying (Confidence-Store view and location-Product testing-Immediate delivery), with the benefits of online shopping (24/7-Scalability-Removes distance barriers).

5. CourseNinja (India): “CourseNinja is a teacher-first online software platform that helps institutes and small-to-mid size businesses to create and sell online courses. Using CourseNinja you can easily build a beautiful virtual school and control your branding, student data, and pricing all from one place. No technology know-how required!”

6. Curacel Health (Nigeria): Curacel-Health is an affordable and easy to use electronic health information management system for clinics in developing countries. It is a web application that helps clinics transform their paper records into digital form, manage their records, appointments, patient communications, billing and reporting with an easy to use dashboard.

7. Design Make Produce (Australia): “Design Make Produce is an online aggregated supply chain platform. It provides manufacturer profiles and internationals expert consultants. It helps anyone start their own fashion label stepping them through, how to start a business, the technical fashion tasks and connects them to the right points in the supply chain.”

8. Duoenergy (Panama): Our products come from the idea of recovering kinetic energy (pedaling, running or walking), regaining its use for other needs, turning it into electricity. Thus born Duoenergy, our first product to help keep people warm in the winter, and chilly in the summer through your own energy.

9. EasyRide (Venezuela): It´s a portable device that can be easily installed in any bicycle and being removed to be taken into your backpack. Once the user starts riding the bibycle, EasyRide engages and takes the motion releasing the user from it. It charges itself when the user decides to pedal.

10. E-Nercia (Chile): We are working on the construction of an adaptable kit that reduces the fuel cost of your vehicle in at least 25% without interfering any engine function. All these by recovering the energy that you lose every time you stop your car.

11. Ética-Lab (Russia): No more dull and ineffective corporate compliance programs! We are developing a platform – full of beautiful and simple “bite-size” materials – that help companies introduce and keep employees and supplies truly engaged in the compliance program. We use design to simplify difficult things.

12. Immersive News (Chile): We are a news service that aims at providing technology to develop immersive storytelling for mayor news organizations so as to foster interest and increase people’s media consumption practices.

13. la plataforma (USA): la plataforma is a social venture that delivers convenience and affordability to the remittance process. We send cash and bank transfers from the United States to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean using bitcoin.

14. LeadCon (Brazil): “The LeadCon is a business intelligence software that finds and organizes the business opportunities and leads for them in construction service providers.
From news, we analyze the content and transform data extracted on information to the sales team, so they can prospect customers with the demand that they serve.”

15. Mediator (Russia): Fully-baked solution providing instruments and various scenarios to get benefits from adblocking audience.

16. MOUTI (Chile): “It is an educational device for oral hygiene for children with special needs.
It is ergonomic and able to educate through creating habits, didactically creating a fun activity based on experience and the use of sensory elements that stimulate the child to associate a color with a mouth area.”

17. Odisea kit (Chile): Odisea Kit is an electronic-modular-component-system, designed to make technological schools projects easier, faster and adaptable. This educational tool is meant to be a disruptive way to increase technological education, in Chile and Latin America, improving the learning of fundamental subjects, both inside and outside the classroom

18. Ongax (ONG Access): We are an online SaaS platform where companies, NGOs, and social leaders worldwide can build customizable dashboards with data about their donations, campaigns, beneficiaries, donors, and more. Members of our platform can also come together to create networks that work towards finding high-impact and innovative solutions to a common cause.

19. Payperon (Turkey): Payperon app solves lock of credit card payments for street businesses with mobile phone without any additional device. It also gives street businesses chance to establish crm and arrange loyalty program as well.

20. RECYBATT (Chile): Recybatt is a social start-up that seeks to recover metals from dry batteries through a low cost and environmentally friendly recycling plant avoiding soil, air and groundwater contamination, recovering metals to be reused, diminishing mining exploitation and also providing labor inclusion for socially vulnerable people.

21. Re-Module (USA): Re-Module provides a scalable solution to minimize the environmental and social impact of plastic waste. Our modular production units create construction materials out of recycled plastic and local organic inputs. This technology allows communities to reduce pollution and increase quality of construction, addressing multiple problems with one sustainable solution.

22. RepublicaVR (USA): We create interactive educational virtual reality applications that aim to teach diverse subjects and inspire children of all ages.

23. Scidioma (USA): Clear communication is critical for companies that have or seek a global presence. Science-based industries lack simple, readily available dictionaries and tools to bridge those specific linguistic gaps. This company aims to ease the language gap between Latin American and English-speaking companies with web- and application-based dictionaries, tools, and services.

24. SÔKI (Chile): Sôki mixes the best of up-to-date psychological research with tons of experience in Early childhood education; we design play sets that come in boxes. Each set includes five learning activities with all the needed materials. The aim is to enhance cognitive, sensory, linguistic and socio-emotional learning in children.

25. The SAVI (USA): The SAVI™ (translated ‘the wise’) is an education technology company that offers engaging original content delivered by proven business leaders from all over the globe by combining cutting edge technology such as virtual and augmented reality and an international community of entrepreneurs to deliver a world class learning experience.

26. UrSavings (USA): UrSavings offers five different savings plans, one for each goal. For one daily trip on the Metro, you can save almost 500 USD per year. UrSavings will graph your personal finances and put them in the palm of your hand to help your everyday financial decisions.

27. Vanido (India): Vanido is an education app that delivers daily singing sessions to train your voice and ear. Each session is personalised according your vocal range and past performance. Track your real time pitch, review recordings and evaluate your progress. The gamified and delightful user experience keeps you engaged and disciplined.

28. Vozify (Belgium): Vozify is the first Community Manager as a service platform, a beautifully crafted platform that allows you to solve seamlessly the hard and expensive process of finding someone to manage your social media presence.

29. Yask (Colombia): Yask is a platform that helps people communicate correctly in any language for free. A community of native speakers around the world translates, corrects and improves the texts and dialogues of one another. A game-like experience makes helping easy and fun while an intelligent system ensures quick and reliable responses.