Meet Start-Up Chile 15th generation: get ready for a lifetime experience in Chile

Chilean Scene

More than 2400 startups applied to Start-Up Chile generation 15. The companies selected come from 12 industries, such as IT & Enterprise Software, Education, Healthcare, amongst others.

Founders and their teams will receive 20 million pesos (about US$ 33,000), a working visa for a year and access to the largest startup community in the world to accelerate their startups in Chile.

Start-Up Chile will invest more than USD$2,7 Millions in 97 global startups 


The third application process for this year (2015), which took place in September, has ended with more than 2400 entries. Now, 97 global startups have been chosen to come to Chile for 6 months.


In this new generation, the most represented countries are Chile (29%), USA (16%), Argentina and Brazil (6%).



As for the industries, the most represented are from IT & Enterprise Software (20%), Healthcare & Biotechnology (19%) E-commerce (13%) and Education (11%).




Regarding the gender of the founders, 15% are women and 85% are men. Although female participation is much lower than male participation, Start-Up Chile is working to improve that percentage with The S Factory, a pre-accelerator program launched in june 2015, helping female leaders transform their ideas into functional prototypes. After their first generation, three companies were selected to be part of Start-Up Chile (Sali, SimCase and HiBalam), helping us to improve female participation.




The companies selected for the 15th generation will start the program on 15th February 2016. All the founders must be in country during that week to begin the orientation process and start their experience as Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs.


As a requirement, entrepreneurs must remain in the country for at least 6 months (the duration of the program) and help spread the innovation spirit through participating in social impact activities, sharing their experiences with the chilean ecosystem.


The startups will also have the chance to apply to the new follow-on fund Start-Up Chile SCALE that offers CLP 60 million (approximately USD 90,000) to companies that have significant traction, are generating revenue and that need the extra capital to grow in Chile and expand to the rest of Latin America. Only companies that have first passed through the six-month program will be eligible to apply for this fund.



Ladies and gentlemen, here are the winners


ALISTATE Online platform for couples to make their own wedding gift list.
Nowadays, most of the couples live together before getting married, so they have their house fully equipped.
Couples need the money  to pay their wedding party, or honeymoon  instead of receiving presents that they will not use/ don`t need.
ALL GENOMICS All Genomics is the first Chilean company dedicated to the R&D, using the latest technologies in genomic analysis (massive DNA sequencing or Next-Generation Sequencing). Our main goal is to promote different areas of the national and Latin American biotechnology, with a focus on clinical research/diagnostics related to genetic mutations.


Amper Amper is the first motorized wheel capable of transforming any longboard or skate in the market into an electric vehicle.


Ayudantee is a platform where college students can find tutors, schedule and made classes in virtual classrooms.
It`s like open english, but for college tutoring.
In the last 5 months, we’ve made +1500 clases (total), +200/month, and our students have approved grades, thesis and final grades becoming professionals.
Bloomer Tech Bloomer Tech is a technological innovative company building flexible circuits  embedded in the fabric of clothes, becoming part of the manufacturing and supply chain of clothing making them intelligent and useful.  We aim to make an impact by connecting people with their own body on prevention disease. 


Bloomers! Schoolyard Bloomers! Schoolyard is a new kind of curriculum teaching the magical world of gardening. Children learn best “hands-on,” but also love technology. So Bloomers! uniquely combined the two in a program that comes with curriculum, storybooks, posters, badges, seeds, soil, garden… everything needed to grow a crop of vegetables.


Brain-e Brain-e is an online platform designed to align household energy needs with utilities interests, which face constrained profits and fiercer market competition. Brain-e combines a predictive algorithm with community-based interactivity like no platform in the market: utilities increase their profit margins and improve their customer relationship; users save money.


Bucket List Sherpa Sherpa aims to create a platform that leverages both location and existing social network connections to provide relevant inspiration for achieving life goals.  It will connect like minded people via their passions, taking advantage of collective buying power, to help them plan and accomplish things that they never thought possible.


Buscagro Technology platform to buy and sell agricultural supplies. With geographical location tools, this platform gives a new sell channel for all the ones involved in the marketing chain. Where the farmers can purchase their  production inputs at competitive prices, next to their orchard and in a custom way.


CAAAPITAL CAAAPITAL is the Marketplace for vetted projects and Private Equity Investors
It’s a marketplace where curated Infrastructure projects from mid-size companies are showcased to local and global private equity funds.
Care Buddy Care Buddy is a cloud and mobile-based platform enabling people to manage all aspect of their families health – scheduling appointments, diagnosis and medicine delivery, healthcare monitoring, health records and billing.
Care Buddy aims to make it easy for its user to take care of
their loved ones.
CaseSurfer A novel way of organizing, sharing and discussing medical imaging cases  privately with colleagues. A cloud based platform with a social media like interaction system.


Casioli We believe that homemade food is healthier,  more economic and delicious food in comparison to restaurants.
Casioli offers all kinds of homemade specialties divided into 4 groups: Vegan / vegetarian, meats, beverages, and desserts through and App that connect Chefs with customers. 
ChargeFIX ChargeFIX is a free on demand smartphone battery service network available in venues throughout the city for users to charge their phones on the go. Through this network (available in our mobile app) we are constantly creating segmented new advertising spots that deliver a positive experience to the user.


Chef Koochooloo Inc. Our iPad application allows families to discover the world through simple, healthy, international recipes. Children choose a country on our 3D interactive globe and are presented with fun geography facts followed by simple recipes to cook while learning math, science, and nutrition through interactive games along the way. 


Clasari Clasari as a knowledge safari, has as many english class resources as there are beautiful creatures in the wild. Materials are assorted in learning criteria, so curriculums are just a matter of following our steps and choosing what best fits your student’s tastes and goals.


Dataframes We find, extract, clean and enhance companies data so you don’t need to.
Find detailed information about companies registered in Denmark, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia (more countries coming soon)
Dinex Dinex is the first prepaid mobile wallet that doesn’t require users to have a bank account or credit card, nor sellers a POS device to verify payments. With Dinex you only need an internet access to make and receive fast and secure payments at the lowest cost in the market.


DroneIQ DroneIQ specializes in search and rescue unmanned aerial vehicles. Our goal is to help search and rescue teams in their operations by  collecting real-time mapping data autonomously and detecting human presence at disaster areas.


E-KAIA SpA E-Kaia has developed a proprietary technology to generate clean and safe energy from the roots of practically any living plant. This technology had several applications including eco-friendly chargers for mobile devices, public illumination projects and, eventually, industrial energy production.


eKoodo eKoodo enables customers to congratulate to professionals that deliver a great service. Every professional has a profile where he gathers kudos from his clients building his own digital reputation and contributing to the visibility of the business he works for.
El Vaso Medio Lleno Tired of seeing media and communications revolve around NEGATIVE things? So are we. At El Vaso Medio Lleno we strive to help you view life with optimism and joy, by providing you with positive news, entertainment, stories and advice.


Elements Software Elements is an online traceability platform that tracks raw materials used in end products as they travel through the supply chain.  Elements publishes a unique Digital Passport™ for the raw materials, identifying where they came from, whom they came from, how they got there and when they got there. 


Empiri Empiri is a platform revolutionizing the way scientific research is published, validated, and discussed. Our public review process brings transparency to peer review, allowing experiments to be reviewed by more experts in less time without bias or bureaucracy.


Enter Capital Enter Capital is an M&A Investment Banking Platform Free of Transaction Fees. We provide a global view of existing inventories to institutional investors. Our platform enables transactions to occur efficiently by removing extraneous costs to both buyer and seller. We aim to save $10B+ for the business ecosystem each year.


ENTUMANO ENTUMANO platform allow citizens to send, in matter of seconds, every city incident, so the government can analyze & manage the information to give a quick response & make better plans on the construction of the cities.


F4F Towards 2050, we will need to produce 70% more food that what we consume nowadays. Demand for protein is increasing beyond precedent, and to feed this growing demand, sustainable  feed ingredients need to be developed. F4F is developing insect based feed, as a sustainable  food source for the future. 


Fishbole, Inc fishbole is an intuitive browser-based platform for workplaces to build a knowledge base of employee generated content.
– Key staff create & share video presentations
– Employees can watch and discuss on their own terms
– fishbole tracks all engagement and discussions on a dashboard
Flystro Flystro is an online marketplace that connects professional drone pilots with clients in various industries like real estate., construction, media and tourism.


FRANK FRANK is shaping the future of the tea industry and offering customers a new product experience. FRANK tea is chemical free, single-origin and sourced from the best tea growing areas. Through our subscription-based model, customers experience unique flavors, earn carbon points and become part of the global FRANK community.


Getlokal Loyalty Getlokal is a mobile app-based platform helping businesses attract, reward and retain customers. Businesses do not require additional hardware or software to run their own loyalty programmes and to collect and use data about their customers. Consumers use Getlokal app to join multiple loyalty programmes and interact with businesses.


GRUPO ANDINO ENERGÍAS GLOBALES Grupo Andino brings hot water to low income families through solar panels systems. They apply to a government programme, and we are instruct to install the panels to the ones who get the benefit, at the moment we develop projects in 8 different cities of Chile.


HiBalam We created a way to try products you like instantly, without the need of having them physically, enhancing the user experience and reducing operating cost for companies. 


HORAMED HoraMed is a startup looking to reinvent the traditional doctor-patient experience. Our service gives people access to quality and appropriate healthcare where and when necessary. We offer certified doctors to treat their health care needs – a convenient alternative to the already jammed emergency rooms hospitals alternative.


HOTELP2P.COM Since 1996 booking sites like Expedia or Booking has controlled the travel market in a monopoly structure. This landscape can’t add value to travelers and hotels in the future. HOTELP2P is a peer-to-peer platform that connects all decentralized hotels in just One Global Hotel. 


i-Care i-Care is platform for monitoring  heath and well-care of elderly people who live by theirselves. The monitoring is made throw a wearable device (wristlet) conncected with a cloud service and a mobile app. We colect data from: heart beat, temperature, fall detection, alert button and idleness.
iTANDEM The online platform iTANDEM purports to allow the free learning or practice of a foreign language, in exchange for one´s own and through human interaction. Moreover, iTANDEM is the key for any foreigner to use the opportunities a new city may offer, providing community reliable details consenting interaction with locals.


José Tomás Sotta Our focus is the development of applications that support the sale, administration of accounts receivable, management of NPLs and judicial collection.
Our applications were inspired by the Kanban method, of Japanese origin. We managed to synthesize and translate this methodology into successful applications.
Kiwi Kiwi is a natural way to interact with the internet, you can order everything on demand, perform favourite services’ most common tasks and ask for information in the same way you communicate with your friends through a chat.


LaMusiquita LaMusiquita is a music education platform, initially for guitar.


Litiggio Case Tracking for Industrial Property, 100% Online, no need to configure or install anything.
Sign up, add the trademarks that you manage and the platform reminds you what to do every day.
Loggap Loggap is an online community where travelers share the available space in their bags to earn extra income while helping others to buy products from other countries without paying too much. All from a mobile application.


Mi Envío ( MiEnvío is the first shipping comparator in Mexico, we created a platform where small business, startups, and almost anyone that needs to send something


MindHour Mindhour is an online adaptive learning platform which makes school curriculum exciting and rewarding for students. It is the only place where students can exchange their virtual points for real gifts without paying a penny. Mindhour not only identifies but also guides students to convert their specific weaknesses to strengths.


Mingamos Mingamos is where volunteers report their activities, organisations measure their results and promote their impact and finally where they share experiences and learn continuously to improve our communities.
Impact enhancer for those who change our communities and inspire the world to join them.
Miora Miora is the largest beauty and wellness marketplace in Latin America. In Miora you can find the best spa´s in your city, compare their services, prices, quality, reviews, and you can choose your favorite and book it online. Miora guarantees your satisfaction: availability, best price, and best experience. 


Morpheeo Morpheeo is a biotechnology company that is building a mobile health device, which uses ultra-sensitive bio-sensors to identify bio-markers in saliva that measure or diagnose a person’s health status.
Our easy to use, non-invasive saliva device provides accurate health data before the onset of disease symptoms.
NanoDerm Complex wpounds are a public health problem taht affects life quelity of  several group of people (ie: burns, diabetic foot and ulcers). NanoDerm is a human collagen IV matrix  supplemented  with copper nanoparticles,   designed to accelerated  the regeneration process of  damaged and infected epithelium.  


NinjaZip NinjaZip is a real-time staffing and event management platform. We connects companies needing staff for events, with people interested in working events in their area. No more struggle finding someone for your event!  What Uber is for the outdated taxi industry, NinjaZip is for the outdated event staffing industry.


Omnia Omnia is a Contact Center management solution that allows all players in the company to collaborate toward operational efficiency.Schedules can be planned and optimized based on the projected workload,agents can easily trade schedules with their peers,Team Leaders can make and track licences requests and see schedules updated in real time.


One Third Stories One Third Stories is revolutionising language learning by moving away from the traditional classroom and grammar style of learning. It builds on the interactive yet superficial nature of digital language resources, by making learning languages a part of everyday life, through stories that introduce foreign languages and culture.


PayDrill PayDrill helps Paypal Merchants across the world make better sense out of their transaction data showing them meaningful information and giving them faster access to their data so they can take smart decisions.


PervasiveMind oct2015 Looking for insights to take better decisions!
Regain competitiveness daily. An artificial intelligence positioning prediction engine based on a proprietary vectorial algorithm can analyze by you the position map of all of your products in every sales channel and better than that delivers the price changes to be competitive again
Plankton Electronics Plankton Electronics is an audio & video synthesizer company based in Barcelona. We make innovative modular eurorack and tabletop synths and sound processors for electronic musicians and video artists.
We make new quality sound & video tools to make the creation process better and richer.
Plataforma Saúde Plataforma Saúde uses mobile technologies to make healthcare accessible to everyone.  Risk analysis/healthcare data management platform.


Pluga Pluga is a tool that connect other tools. We use the power of the APIs to help entrepreneurs save money and time in daily routines, like: “add a new client at Quickbooks for each new sale at PayPal” or “for each new sale at Stripe send an invoice through MailChimp.


PYMERATE Online credit advisor for small businesses. In a simple and quick process using public and private information of the business, PYMERATE can deliver a complete report of the company with a credit rating, the main strenghts and weaknesses of the business and reccommendations to improve the financial situation


Recualizer tool for HRs and recruiters based on AI


Rightaway (working name) Rightaway  is a mobile-first, real-time communications and community management platform, with integrated business process workflows for both inter-company and external use cases. Most collaboration platforms like Slack are built as silos (for teams) within an organization. However, businesses require such tools to work with customers, partners etc. too.


ruvix Ruvix is an online and automated financial advice platform.  By using state of the art algorithms, ruvix allows users to access actionable financial advice at an affordable price.  Providing recommendations on portfolio optimization, debt consolidation, tax optimization, etc., ruvix allows users to save money and improve risk adjusted returns.


RyMM Education RyMM Education let teachers of schools to give a live feed of students daily classroom activities, academics and behavior progress to parents. Leading to an unbiased collaboration platform between teachers and parents so the child can achieve his best in school and teachers can efficiently manage classroom time.


Sali Sali (Save Lives) is an intelligent bracelet that continuously measures your blood pressure without any pain, using IR technology.
Schleer Tamás We are providing answers to the new area’s digital questions of death in the virtual worth. We provide services, support for the issues around an event of death in the real and the online world.
We aim to run an online service and an intercultural support platform for grief support.
SearchNWork SearchNWork™ has developed a recruiting platform in which a job seeker can create an anonymous profile with his or her skills that is searchable by recruiters accessing the same platform.


Shipit Shipit is the easiest way to send something. It allows the eCommerces to outsource their shipping process. It’s very simple: They sell their products, and we pick them up, we package them and ship them via the most reliable Courier at the lowest cost. It’s fast, safe and cheap.


SideJob We enable our users to turn their mobile devices into working tools, by doing small tasks for which they get payed. On the other side our clients will enjoy receiving fast, frequent and global information paying only a fraction of what they do now to get the same information.


SimCase SimCase makes online higher-education fun. Millions of college students are now taking a course online, but the problem is that most don’t finish the course. We think this is because students want interactive online experiences that prepare them for the real-world. That is what we deliver at SimCase.


Sleep Scale Our parents are getting older. We worry about their health; we need help caring for them. For many seniors, staying healthy means looking after their weight and sleeping well. SleepScale logs their weight and their sleep every night. Nothing to do, nothing to wear. Completely automatic. Know they’re ok. connects travellers with accommodation hosts in  emerging markets. SleepOut has adapted existing peer-to-peer and hotel booking models for emerging markets. Offline payments, mobile money and pay later options extend SleepOut’s offering to the millions of Africans without credit cards (estimated at more than 95% of the population).


Smart Supply Smart Supply was created to provide management solutions at sales points for suppliers of large retailers.
SHARK is a technological platform that single hand consolidates and standardizes the data presented in various B2B. As a result our clients have a prioritized and integrated commercial management to improve and increase sales.
SocialCondo SocialCondo is an online platform to improve communication and organize life in condominiums.
Condos had not yet arrived in the “connected world” we live in. Now, through a social-based integrated online platform, we are putting an end to disconnection and misinformation, tons of paper, spreadsheets, phone calls and manual labor.
SunRiser The SunRiser is a “waking up” device designed to reduce stress by stimulanting the body’s natural wake up mechanism. It consists of a wireless light controlling device adaptable to every light bulb, that stimulates sunrise light and is synchronized through smartphone via WiFi.


TaskCrusher TaskCrusher brings crowdsourcing to an unexploited gap among project management. Currently crowdsourcing marketplaces only allow clients to accomplish one simple task with just one poorly vetted freelancer. TaskCrusher lets high complexity projects (made of multiple tasks) to be outsourced by a high number of highly vetted freelancers.


Tebo Tebo (teachers book) is a website for teachers to find engaging content and exercises for students.
Tebo is the only platform where teachers can use each others previously made work and share it with one click to students with one click. They can find tests, videos, presentations, learning games. 
Tem Açúcar? “Tem Açúcar?” facilitates the sharing of things between neighbors through lending or donation, fostering the reduction of overconsumption and its negative environmental impact.


Terrapetti The world is a feast of flavors, a rich tapestry of taste. Terrapetti is a special invitation for people around the globe to enjoy each region’s finest tastes. Through our platform, consumers around the globe can access to local producers and experience the flavors that the world has to offer.


The Food Market The Food Market combines support for local producers, with the benefit to the customer to shop online 24/7 author food, always fresh and natural.


tor A novel dental device capable of isolating, protecting and facilitating the work of dentists. Tor is a cheap accessible solution that can make any time of treatment easy and does not need the purchase of expensive new dental appliances


TravelDesk Group S.A. TravelDesk is a direct access web-based tour booking service for hotels and hostels nationwide.  It offers negotiated tour and travel services from providers through the Front Desk staff.  Receptionists access an affiliates-only extranet where they can search, browse and book services for guests making a commission for every booking made.


Tu Cita de Belleza We are The first and only beauty specialized directory in Venezuela. We count with more than 1.200 beauty salons and beauty professionals registered in the metropolitan area of Caracas.
Our goal is to become all the country ́s reference to beauty by bringing it’s beauty market online.
Tutton Tutton is a social network to share experiences and interact in events.


ubiquos Health-technology company that develops personalized medical products for real-time diagnostics and therapy.


unPlugBox UnplugBox is a smart timer, an IOT device,  to put limits on children’s technology use. Parents assign time from an app and kids use it with a personal Id Card, like a prepay system. This encourage self control and healthy balance between technology, social life and other human activities.


Urban Challenger We believe that travelling is a great opportunity to have new experiences and to step out of your personal comfort zone. Our mobile app helps travellers, who are looking for fun ways to explore a city, to have exciting experiences by playing a game of challenges.


usheru 75% of cinema seats go unsold. We are here to change that. usheru is a UK based cinema app ranked in Europe’s Top 12 start ups in 2015. We learn a consumers film preferences and then enable them to buy discounted cinema tickets in 3 clicks.


VECZO We focus on the development of technological tools under the circular economy principles: Sustainability and global access. Our prothesis and products related are aimed to be widely accesable thoroughout public hospitals and private sector networks, with technical and medical support, reusable, adaptable on time, functionals, highly affordables and ergonomics
Vennti Vennti is a social aware marketplace that aims to capture offline and online C2C interactions. Leveraging on reliable social networks, human relations serve as a social assurance providing safe transactions.


verivina We will integrate nano-spectrometers and cloud technology into Chilean vineyards at affordable costs. The goal is to scale this verification system into agriculture sectors world wide and allow all agri-producers to index and analyze their yield more efficiently. 


Vestracker Vestracker is an online service, allowing freight forwarders and logistics companies to manage all their internal agency operations in one place. We provide data from multiple shipping-lines, airlines and trucking services, with notifications and facilitate collaboration with partners and clients across the globe. We are the of freight forwarding


Vita Infinita is a web application that allows users to connect with relatives worldwide. Together they can collect and connect personal memories, build and capture relationships, resulting in rich genealogical narratives for the future generations.


Vlip Vlip is an app for paying at restaurants with your mobile phone. It  detects the table where you are seated at and fetches the bill, and you can then pay by just pressing a button and selecting a safely stored credit card.


warning beep The theft of his bike suffered by a friend, besides the number of car thefts there daily, prompted us to seek a solution .
We’re a group of family and friends who saw in the development of this software a window of opportunity to make a business and help people© – Offers on demand© allows the consumer to tell WHAT they want to buy, for HOW MUCH, and HOW LONG they want it. The first accredited supplier to accept his/her conditions, makes the sale before his competitors!


WinSenga/Cipher256 WinSenga eFHR is a smartphone-based ultrasound-alternative that allows medical personnel, especially in low-resource settings to accurately determine the health of an unborn child during antenatal care or labour, through heart-rate based metrics/parameters. is an online comparor that simplifies onlines searches. we compare products of different online stores allowing online buyers to choose among the different choices and prices. we have three different segments: travel, entertainment, and retail. we charge a commission  for every sale Zaetae is a website connecting patients and providers across continents. Visitors can compare the cost of various surgical procedures at home and abroad. Search results include profiles of global clinics and savings compared to U.S. costs. Visitors benefit from affordable healthcare options, and clinics can advertise directly to U.S. patients.


Zafe We got tired of waiting for Batman, so we are using technology to protect your home instead. Our solution is simple: a smart alarm and a mobile app to prevent crime. But if something happens, our mobile app will help you to react and our insurance will cover it.