Masstige: A Geolocation App for Tech-Savvy Retailers

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Masstige App by EZ4U

Available for iPhone and with an Android version in the pipeline, Masstige, the application created by Ze Maria Moura and his company EZ4U,  provides retailers a platform comprised of EZ4U’s localization software developed to be compatible with those smartphones. The platform seeks to increase foot traffic in retail and public locations including zoos and museums, while helping increase customer loyalty and providing data sets, knowledge extraction tools, and meaningful metrics for further insight.

Once a potential customer sets foot in a retail store, the benefits of the application are widespread for the company utilizing the service allowing for instant in-store geo-location of the client, direct promotions and ads personally sent to their mobile, and in case the GPS doesn’t work indoors, their location system will find the smartphone and connect.

Since their arrival to Chile, the’ve sealed a deal with one of the country’s largest software shops, OpenSoft, in order to “get a local partner to help [them] with the system’s installation and maintenance,” explains Ze, a native of Portugal. Creatika, a Santiago-based digital communication firm, has also signed with the startup to be their official reseller here in Chile (with EZ4U being Creatika’s reseller in Portugal) and to work together to create innovative applications to “give users an outstanding experience wherever they go.”

Their next steps are to implement the technology in retail locations, museums, and frequented public places like zoos. If you are interested in working with Ze or integrating his software into your business, please find his contact information here.