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Note: The thoughts below is written by Morgan from Gift Pinpoint (SUP 7.2). If you have any other updates you want to include, then drop me a line via Dashboard! All opinions here are Morgan’s only; and the more offensive or not-nice the opinion is, then, it definitely is Morgan’s opinion!

The Asians curse, “May you live in interesting times.” And here in Startup Chile, we’re living in very interesting times. And here in Santiago, we’re turning the curse into a blessing, for lots of interesting developments are bubbling up below the surface.

Other SUPpers, more sophisticated and smarter than I, can tell you all about the amazing technologies they’re developing. But here in the SUP Marketing Tribe, we are overwhelming concerned with the question of: How do you make sales? If you don’t make any sales, then… you just don’t have a real company.

And the challenge with sales, in any startup environment, is the learning: You have an idea. How do you learn what it is — what variation of your idea it is — that your clients actually want?

A bunch of companies around SUP have some exciting sales and marketing updates, on what they’ve been learning.

Stan from Epiclist have created an “Almost-App.” What is an “Almost-App”? It is a system that looks and feels like a mobile App — you can use it, play with it, interact with it. But… below the surface… nothing happens. It just doesn’t work.

Why? Building an app is hard and time consuming — and they want to get people out there to start getting feedback! So why not simulate the entire experience?

Funny how, in this world, the gap between “simulation” and “reality” shrinks every moment.

Danielle from The Sedge reports that the most exciting marketing and sales news is that they’re launching the beta of their peer collaboration network for social enterprise learning. The good news is, with an “MVP” launched, they can then start learning!

Alvaro from Renooble reports that they’re using article marketing very effectively. He wrote an article on Bitoin that attracted 2,000 readers and then 400 who followed through to go to Renooble afterwards! In a similar vain, he’s preparing an article on Quantum Mechanics. This humble author is a big fan of article marketing — so great marketing strategy, Alvaro!

Carl from The Innovation Arb has… wait for it…. pivoted! Oh we love the Pivots! New direction: instead of trying to find people who need innovation, they’re going to target people who already know they want it! This is a subtle linguistic difference but actually quite profound: the people who know are already looking for it; while the people who don’t know, don’t even yet know what to look for! So it’s a space with more competition — but more money.

Kristi from SportID that over the last 3 months, they’ve increased their sales from 30 to 50 companies as clients! Woo-hoo! Way to go Kristi and TeamSportID! They’re now facing an interesting marketing challenge: once a company signs up, how do they get their employees to use it? They’re answering that through the best method: testing! There’s no substitute for knowing the answer like trying to find it! They’re trying social media and even awesome video clips starring even awesomer Estonian athletes (supported by the Estonian Olympic Committee)! And their most important learning is a great lesson for all startups: that, for a startup, your main goal is to increase the number of clients and user/interaction — and you need to modify the product itself to do that!

And, you might ask, what about Gift Pinpoint? As a marketing-driven company, we’re learning lots and lots and lots, including: what do people want to buy? How? We’re using our favorite method: Adwords testing! Who would’ve thought that same-sex couples are so in-style to get married these days and want lots of gifts? Well that’s what the results of our ads are showing us thus far!

That’s it for your friendly weekly marketing update. Any questions? Want more? Want some one-on-one marketing advice? Drop me a line at: . Morgan humbly wishes to thank the teams of Gift Pinpoint and Legal Fácil for their support!