Loveblip Breaks the Ice, Finds your Other Half

Projects & Participants

Founded by Frederico Camara, a 34 year old Master of Computer Science from Porto, Portugal, Loveblip is a startup that has made the search for the love of your life easier than their competitors’ sites such as eHarmony or After being launched in January of this year, the company already has 7,000 users in Portugal alone and they’re seeking to expand their market as they are already live in the UK, Brazil, Angola, and Mozambique, among several others.

Their next goal is to have the page translated into Spanish.

On Loveblip, the first spinoff of Frederico’s information consulting company, Blip, users can define their interests and begin interacting with those who share their same likes and traits, simply utilizing their already existing facebook profile. Frederico adds that “the aim of the site is to provide Loveblip users with a chance to find their significant ones much faster, minimizing the amount of manual filtering that has to be done.” Loveblip can be joined for free either creating a new account or signing in via facebook. The only requisite for joining the site is being 18 years of age (or older).

The startup was recently featured on Killer Startups where users can rate its usability and other features such as design and speed. To evaluate their work please click here.