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Los Angeles is an exciting city with events going on all the time, but the one that you should be the most excited about and keep an eye out for is Venture in LA, which happens from 14th to 18th November, 2016.

What is Venture LA you may ask? Well Venture LA is the biggest market-ready tech trade mission in Los Angeles bringing companies from around the world into the Los Angeles area for five exciting and eventful days in November 2016. During these five days there will be a session a day discussing a different segment of business. Along with these sessions start-ups will have the opportunity to connect with potential investors.

The goal of Venture LA is a start-up company’s way of seeing how to launch a venture in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the perfect gate-way for entering the US Market and experience first-hand how Silicon Beach, one of the biggest growing tech areas in the country, is welcoming business from all over the world to become established right here in Los Angeles.

Venture LA is the most effective way to expose your brand to the global startup community. This event brings people from all around the world to a city that craves new ideas and new business. If your vision and mission celebrates diversity, innovation, globalization, entrepreneurship and excellence, Venture in LA is how you attain it.

People need to know that Los Angeles already has a lot of start up companies that have prospered by launching their product or company in Los Angeles and growing it to a successful company – Tinder, Honest Company and Snapchat are three examples in a TOP 10 Worldwide Unicornios. Los Angeles is gifted with plenty of resources, with many people looking to work with international markets. While Los Angeles is a great place for business it also is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with different cultures all around that it welcomes people from everywhere and a place where people can prosper.

Venture in LA is connecting those market ready companies with the proper investors that they might not be able to find unless they attend the five day event as well as allows investors in LA to have access to many new and up-coming companies that they can be a part of.

This event is taking place from November 14th – 18th in Los Angeles. Why not join the new age and the movement bringing together people and companies from around the world in a city where you can prosper and grow?

More info here http://www.ventureinla.com/