Looking at the “B” Side of Things”


UPDATE! The meetup took place yesterday at CMI, and it was a great experience for those who came. They enjoyed a really good talk with Emilia, and got the chance to learn more about the “B” side of things!
They definitely had a lot to say after the meetup:
“I loved the experience, because I wanted so much to be in this place, here there´s a lot of people with energy and wishing to make the difference.  There´s not better place than Start Up Chile for me to share my work experience” . María Emilia Correa (speaker)
“This exceeded my expectations, I just enjoyed Emilia´s chat so much. She is a great speaker, and there was a great vibe and feedback from the other suppers who attended the meetup” Alexandra, Deemelo

James Rochabrun, from Deemelo, is one of the organizers of the meetup Start-Up Chile is hosting tonight (Sasha Blumenfeld, from Speedelo is big on it as well!) On this blog post he shares how María Emilia Correa, founder at Triciclo.cl, inspired him to go big regarding sustainable companies. Don´t forget you can attend our meetup tonight and meet both of them in person! Details HERE.

Does my company look better to users if it is sustainable? And are the companies that have started to be more environmentally friendly just doing it for the publicity?
I am not sure but, either way, the search for sustainability has become a global and necessary phenomenon due to the abuse of natural resources, global warming etc. Achieving a system where my company is ecological and sustainable is more than a good form of publicity, it’s a necessity.I came to this “epiphany” at the TEDx event in Santiago at the Universidad del Desarrollo, after listening to Maria Emilia Correa, partner at Triciclos.cl, speak about the importance of sustainability and how Triciclos looks to support not necesarily the best in the world but those that are best for the world. Those are “B” companies, companies that offer products and services with a social and environmental purpose.
Without trying to sound cliche, after listening to Maria speak, it’s clear that we are all capable of creating change. Starting with the things we can do as individuals like turning off lights when they aren’t being used or separating glass and plastic to finding a way in which our startups can bring us to the “B” side of things.
That is why Deemelo, our startup, hopes to achieve and I am sure we will find the formula to doing it right.

Come and listen to Maria Emilia Correa in our meetup. Find the right formula for you and your start up to be at the “B” side of things!