Loogares.com Raises Capital from NXTP Labs Incubator

Projects & Participants

Loogares.com, Chilean startup part of Start-Up Chile’s second generation, will now find themselves as part of another second generation– this time, with NXTP Labs (a member of the TechStars Network) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They were selected, along with 14 other startups, to take part in the second round of this incubator’s program, receiving USD$25k.

Nicolas Brown, the CEO and Co-founder of Loogares.com, says that he plans to live in Buenos Aires for 4 months in order to grow an Argentine branch of their organization and to “generate a participative community of local users, close strategic alliances with media/brands/places in Buenos Aires, and raise further funds with hopes of expanding into the rest of Latin America.” The cost of the internet and new-media incubator? 5-10% of their company.

While Nicolas is living across the Andes, the rest of his Santiago-based team will be advancing with a new edition of the website which will include “an English version and many more locales” which they plan to launch simultaneously in Buenos Aires. Developing a mobile application, improving the user experience, and creating attractive and socially based contests and sales for Loogares.com aficionados are other tasks that the Chilean team will complete during the coming months.

The 4 month period of incubation with NXTP Labs will end with a Demo Day featuring “over one hundred investors, mentors, and entrepreneurs from Latin America.”