LocalGuiding gets featured at El Mercurio and CNN. Kuddos!


HAPPY UPDATE! Folks at CNN heard about Robert and Local Guiding, and included him on a piece about private tours. Robert talked about how his experience as a tour guide inspired him to create Local Guiding. “When I was a tour guide, every time I picked up a new client, it was like a blind date,” Blessing told the reporters. Read the complete piece HERE.

Robert Blessing´s Local Guiding, an e-commerce marketplace for personal tours offered by locals, got published at Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. The article exposes how the web site works and the way he and his Uruguayan partner Álvaro Olivencia developed the idea. “Local Guiding” has presence in over one a hundred countries around the world, and plans to expand further more. This is a great example for all SUPPERS to get motivated with their own ventures.