Lingorami: Learning Spanish the Start-Up Chile Way


This is a guest blog post, written by Federico Guercio from Lingorami.


Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to Startup Chile! If you’re like me, you’ve been following the blog and reading up on Chile as much as possible. And you’re probably freaking out a little bit about Spanish. One of the things I wished I’d done before I came to Chile was get better at spanish before I arrived. Some basic Spanish will help you navigate the city, meet Chilean friends at asados (barbecues), have more fun at the discos, and order piscolas (the Chilean version of a rum and coke) when you arrive.

But as a budding entrepreneur, how can you fit learning Spanish into your busy schedule and without giving up sleep? It turns out that we remember pictures ridiculously well but tend to suck at remembering new words and easily get bored trying to learn them. Spanish is full of words so you might think you are pretty much screwed. That was true… until Lingorami.
Lingorami, a Start-up Chile company, is disrupting traditional language learning methods.  We are pleased to announce Learn Spanish with Lingorami, a language learning game that teaches you common Spanish words and phrases through a variety of fun Spanish learning games. Think of it as a mash up of Rosetta Stone and Mario Party. We use proven language learning techniques including visual learning with images, audio from native speakers, and fun game mechanics to keep you motivated.
The games are a great way to jump start your spanish learning so that you aren’t left with a confused look on your face upon arriving to Santiago.
Learn Spanish with Lingorami is available on both Android and iOS and supports all popular smartphones and tablets. Get it today and you’ll be on your way to ordering piscolas and making friends in no time.