Like a rockstar: Demo Day, Quarter Finals


Creativity, empowerment, and passion filled the stage at Amanda Club. 40 teams pitched in front of dozens of investors and more than 250 people, each one of the team in absolute control of the stage. Those 40 captivating speeches reminded the supper family what a bunch of amazingly talented people do we get to share with everyday.

This 40 projects must go through another internal Demo Day before the final list of selected startups is ready. Those in the final selection will be the lucky ones to present on the DemoDay Final, to take place on May 23rd.  Bedy Yang, from 500 startups; Hernán Kazah, from Mercado ; Bridgette Sexton, from Google Ventures; Arne van Oosterom, from Design Thinkers; and Jason Costa, from Twitter are some of our guests for the DemoDay Final.

Until then, lots of training for the participating teams! The excellent pitches we enjoyed yesterday made all the hard work worth it!