Let´s talk about entrepreneurship! Start-Up Chile is getting more press love


Start-Up Chile´s Demo Day #4 took place last week, and got some press love from LUN, where BenchBanking is getting featured as the great tool you need to find the best credit options among bank´s offerings. Kid Bunch and Pace4Life are also featured on the newspaper. Kuddos, suppers!

Diario Estrategia is also talking about Demo Day and encouraging you to apply before the deadline expires! 

Soukboard is part of our 6th generation and is getting some press love from Pulso Social

French blogger Liam Boogar is posting about Start-Up Chile at Rude Baguette.com and we really hope that means lots of French entrepreneurs joining our family with Gen #7

The TOHL is getting some press love from specialized media. Read about them on this mag focused on those in the mining industry

Diario Pulso published about all the never seen before rise of work visas issued in Chile for foreigners. The number of work visas issues showed a 900% increase, and Start-Up Chile has a few things to say about it. Read more, here.

Suppers behind AutofactAdmetricks and Gap Jumpers got chosen to be part of Open Start Up. We heard there were about 200 competitors, congrats to the winners! Read about them at Pulso Social and El Mercurio.

David Lloyd is on Forbes! He says “it is easy to say “You need to be rich to start a business” [but] you don´t” . Read about his journey scaling The Intern Group.

SUPBoat stopped in Japan and Startup Dating is inviting everyone to apply to Start-Up Chile!

Start-Up Chile made quite a buzz in Rio! 

Northern California is also hearing about Start-Up Chile: “Why Silicon Valley is loosing foreign born talent” is how the story by  Aarti Shahani got titled. To be honest, we don´t really want to get into this whole “battle for global talent” thing: we just want to offer entrepreneurs a good opportunity they can take if they want to help us position Chile as a great innovation hub by enriching local talent´s skills.

Startup On Wheels visited Valparaíso and got featured by La Nación, while Nubelo is being featured at Zapping Latam.

Pic by  NS Newsflash of Flikr (cc)