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GoPlace It got featured by LUN! It will be super easy for you to find a place you can buy/rent at your fav block!

Adriana Ursache, founder at Worksurfers, is making headlines in the press at home! It would be great news for Start-Up Chile if more entrepreneurs from Romania follow her steps and join the Start-Up Chile family.

Tomas Franceschin is one of the founders behind Viralica and he is writing about coworking at FayerWayer.

Wednesday is a day never to be forgotten among entrepreneurs in Chile. Congress passed a new law that will make it possible to incorporate businesses in just one day, online, and for free! its a dream come true that positions Chile as the fastest country to incorporate your company. Awesome people have been working hard for years so this law could see the light, and its finally happening. Both Anna Heim at The Next Web and Camila Carreño at Pulso Social wrote about it. Needless to say, the Chilean media is crazy about this law as well! Check out twitter under #empresasen1dia. Way to kick off the Year of Innovation, Chile!

DW publishes in Spanish about LatAm-German collaborations. They published an interesting article describing the whole LatAm scene, with details per country. Needless to say, Start-Up Chile is mentioned as one of the main forces strengthening the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem. Read it HERE.

Cabify gets some love from Revista Capital. Check it out HERE. BlueMove is also joining the conversation. Check their piece out as well!

Trovali can solve pretty much everything you have on that “to-do” list on the fridge. Need to take paperwork somewhere? pick up your clean laundry? need someone to fix your oven? Well, Trovali can help you get it done without paying too much. Read more, HERE.

Both Catmoji and Chef Surfing got featured by Anna Heim on The Next Web! Catmoji is standing out because of their really fast growth, while Chef Surfing is ready to help us easily hire local chefs. Read Anna´s piece on Chef Surfing HERE, and about Catmoji HERE.

Admetricks keeps getting press love! Learn whats the real impact of your online campaigns, here.

Felipe Millán, from Biletu, moved all the way from Chile to -wait for it- Estonia! He just landed over there to join Startup Wise Guys and, needless to say, he is thrilled to work on his startup´s acceleration after his SUP experience. Pulso Social is catching up with him via this great blog post, where Felipe explains it all about Biletu and how he´ll help you keep both your friends and your finances after going out in groups.

Fernando Ponce is writing at Pulso Social about the newly arrived suppers! Gen # is definitely sky rocketing our expectations! Read Fernando´s piece here! 

BackYard Brains keeps spreading the word about neuroscience and making it cool for everyone. Watch them on CNN´s The Next List! Video below

Backyard Brains on CNN’s The Next List from Backyard Brains on Vimeo.


Pic by  prolix6x on Flickr (cc)