Cheetah Fund crowdfunding announced by Sterio.me, progress made


Santiago, Chile – 24 October 2014 – Sterio.me is raising €15,000 through the 1%Club’s Cheetah Fund. The Cheetah Fund allows innovators striving to make social impact in Africa to raise capital by providing 70% of a funding goal if the innovators can raise the initial 30% in crowdfunding. Sterio.me has raised more than 17%, with 20 days remaining in the campaign. To contribute to Sterio.me’s campaign, please visit: https://onepercentclub.com/en/#!/projects/lets-make-education-accessible.


Sterio.me is an international educational technology company, which engages learners outside the classroom to reinforce in-classroom learning. A “sterio” is a pre-recorded interactive lesson, delivered via an sms-triggered inbound voice call to the learner, in order to reinforce content. Sterio.me can reach the 18% of the world population who suffer illiteracy and the 60% who remain offline – heavily concentrated in just 20 countries.