Let´s keep an eye on Santiago Valley


The first Santiago Valley meetup ever hosted in town was nothing less than a HUGE success. Getting the SUPWeek started with activities organized by suppers was absolutely the best decision: on Monday evening, about 120 people gathered at Centro Movistar Innova for the first Santiago Valley event. After Silicon Valley, Palermo Valley, Tequila Valley, the entrepreneur arena finally moves to Chile and Santiago Valley is all about capturing that spirit and energy, and turn it into networking and business opportunities.

The team behind Santiago Valley is a pretty diverse one. About half of it are non-chilean, which adds a nice international flavor to the meeting. Congrats to Daniel Ponce, Danilo Durazzo, Alice Neves, Josefina Pooley, Gonzalo Morere, Mariano Rodriguez and Simon Forgacs for such a wonderful event. About 300 people absolutely packed Centro Movistar Innova, listened to very interesting presentations and couldn´t stop talking, connecting, creating. Alice Neves, one of the organizers, was particularly happy about the event getting together people she had never seen before, and people who were not part of the Start-Up Chile beneficiaries group: “It wasn´t your typical meetup where lots of Start-Up Chile participants attend. We “popped the bubble” and brought a lot of Chileans here to share their experiences and network, which will for sure help their businesses grow faster,” she said. Kuddos for the Start-Up Chile family getting bigger and suppers taking action about the local ecosystem for startups.

Santiago Valley is looking for mentors. So, if you think you are a professional or an entrepreneur with a significant experience you could share with others, please get in touch with them via their website. If you have a startup, you can get in touch with the Santiago Valley team and list your project on their website. They got some press love as well!