Let’s inspire hundreds of people: entrepreneurs share their experience in the press!


Start-Up Chile got featured on The Huffington Post! The piece explores the program’s evolution and it’s impact in the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem (“The Chilecon Valley” for some!) Vanessa Van Edwards, the writer, explores the suppers’ engagement in social impact activities, and the different goals of Start-Up Chile in the long term. Don’t miss her piece!

Julian Robinson, Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining in Jamaica, visited Start-Up Chile with a delegation of 12 people. They spent 4 days learning about Start-Up Chile as a community and as a program. We hope this inspires them to implement great public policies to support entrepreneurs in Jamaica! There is an in-depth report about their visit, in the local press.

KienVe in on the TV! Watch some great Uruguayan talent below!

Maddyness, a French magazine for startups, published a piece reporting on Startup Visas. “Chile has three years ahead” they say. Read the piece HERE (in French!)

ThinkerThing allows you to create objects with you mind. How awesome is that?! We know its hard to believe, but here is proof! Thinker Thing finally made it: they printed objects with their mind for the very first time and FayerWayer is reporting on it.

TripAdvisor acquired CruiseWise, the first startup joining Start-Up Chile. This adds to the acquisitions of Entrustet and Nina’s Box. Read more about the great news at El Mercurio (Spanish).

Escapar.com.co got featured by Pulso Social! This team is offering Colombians a revolutionary service for those booking flights online, and is announcing that will start operations very soon in Chile and Peru. Read about it, here!

Carlos González, founder at Floqq, writes about the internet freeing us all from the old ways of teaching. Good bye old school, welcome the web! Read his thoughts on this matter here (Spanish)

Terri Harel, supper behind Impact Flo, writes about Start-Up Chile at FreshlyTechy.com . Read about Start-Up Chile from those who know it better than anyone, here! 

Simon Schuetz, founder at SurfTrip Map, got featured by EFE Verde!

3D printing machines will be available massively in the US and CNN Money could not stop themselves from mentioning the Gigabot, Samantha Snabes’ awesome shot at making large 3D printing available for everyone. Read about it, here! 

America Abroad reported extensively on different government programs to support entrepreneurs. Listen to Sebastián Vidal, Start-Up Chile’s Assistant Director, and supper Nathan Lustig starting at 9.30min! 

Did you know that 39% of the world population lives without access to proper sanitation? Did you know this is one of the most devastating causes of death for youth in undeveloped countries?  InnSania is actually doing something to change this awful reality. Check out their awesome product at StartupBuzz. 

Glamping Hub got featured at Young Entrepreneur!  The piece covers the challenges of “starting up, raising funds and staying competitive in the world of glamorous camping”.

Dentalink is rockin’ Diario Financiero! (Spanish) Have you ever thought how hard could it be to manage hours and payments for a dentist clinic? Just think about it: lots of doctors -who may charge differently- lots of different exams and labs to add to your basic bill, and SO MANY different business hours to coordinate: doctor + patient appointment; lab + patient appointment; lab results + doctor+ patient…we could go on forever. Dentalink has a great solution and you can read about it on Diario Financiero. The brand will start operations in Mexico, congrats!

MadSensation got his product “Glove Tricoder” featured at La Segunda (in Spanish). The team claims to be just one tiny step away from having a glove able to detect breast cancer. Keep it up team, so many lives could be saved!

Studio Pangea got mentioned at La Tercera on a piece about the rise of crowdfunding in Chile. Definitely a sign of a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem, it can be observed that Chileans are going from applying to government funds to crowdfunding. Studio Pangea is among those leading the change. Way to go, suppers! You can read the piece here (Spanish).

“Want to start a business? Chile could be the place for you” says Jude Webber at The Financial Times.

Nubelo got referenced by Diario Financiero on a piece about working remotely, which is an increasing trend in the country. Read about the trend and what Nubelo has to offer, here. 

Pic by  NS Newsflash on Flickr (cc)