Let´s get Patagonia back in shape!


Patagonia is one of the world´s greatest natural treasures. You probably have been there already or are planning to visit, right?

If you have good memory, you might remember a horrible fire destroyed more than 3k Ha. in Torres del Paine, the Chilean National Park in Patagonia, on December 2011. The world watched the fire take away Patagonia´s beauty without being able to stop it for many weeks.
Now there is a way for all of us to fix this. Now is the time when the Start-Up Chile family takes action!
It doesn´t matter if your phisically in Chile or not. Leave your mark in Chile for next generations to see!
Here is how it works: with just 2.000 pesos (4 dollars) you can plant a tree in the Start-Up Chile Forest in Patagonia. You’ll be able to see where your tree is at, since you´ll get your tree’s exact GPS coordinates via email!