Let’s celebrate! 1000 entrepreneurs have lived the Start-Up Chile experience


It’s been an amazing ride and time to celebrate: more than 1000 entrepreneurs have lived the Start-Up Chile experience, launching amazing companies while inspiring Chileans to do the same!

Yesterday night, we invited suppers, local authorities, and many Start-Up Chile friends so they would come to our house and celebrate what we all have built together. Chile is now in the map for those thinking of launching s startup, and it wasn´t like that 5 years ago. Start-Up Chile is part of a revolution fed my many different institutions, startups and people, and we all had just an amazing evening together, to celebrate.

Horacio Melo, Start-Up Chile’s Executive Director, and Hernán Cheyre, Corfo’s Executive VicePresident, were the hosts for about 120 entrepreneurs and friends who visited us. Suppers at Re:3D, JoldIt, and KidBunch shared their experiences, and the audience added great insights, too. We had Start-Up Chile’s founder, Nicolás Shea, joining us, and it was definitely inspiring to hear him talking about how the idea for Start-Up Chile came to his mind, and his feelings now that the program is a solid, worldwide known reality.

Its been a great journey, but there is still so much to do. Apply to Start-Up Chile in September and join us, build your company while we all inspire Chileans to create awesome businesses themselves!

More pics HERE!

Start-Up Chile family