Learning from and with local entrepreneurs


A little sneak peak into SUP’s RVA program




As part of our Startup Chile program we go out to the community in Chile and connect with local entrepreneur aiming to create a long lasting ecosystem of learning and support. Sometimes we organise meetups focussing on one special area, another time we go to a local school or university and work with the students and this last month we teamed up with the mayors of each of Santiago’s districts in order to offer classes to their residing entrepreneurs. They elaborated a program of about ten topics and we found the teacher among us ranging through all topics interesting for somebody setting up a business: Legal, Technology, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Sales.


It was a really interesting experience to teach but also learn from the community! Here you can see a little video about the different classes we gave in Providencia:


The last workshop I gave was about Ways to increase the sales to a group of 20 owners of little shops like a Sushi Delivery restaurant, a kid’s toys store, a bridal shop, an advertisement newspaper model and a Health Food distribution. All very different models that mostly had been relying on walk-in customers or referrals through recommendations. They had all set up a web presence be it on google plus, facebook or a simple wordpress site but instead of going through online marketing principles, I aimed to do an interactive workshop going through for me five important points in increasing sales:


1. Know your audience

2. Create your value proposition

3. Communicate and be noticed

4. Close the deal

5. Retain your customers



In the first part we went through possible places in which they would be able to find their customers like communities, blogs, organisations or news papers and we looked at their problems, fears, doubts. Coming up with a clear personality for our users we could proceed to the second part tailoring our value proposition to this user’s needs. The four Ps of marketing were a very useful tool for visualising our key factors and we continued elaborating a plan for communicating these clearly to the established audience. We looked at different channels that would permit us to get the message out there and be noticed! Once a customer fished, we continued with different Sales techniques using Roy Bartell’s wisdom that ‘the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job’elaborating questionnaires that could be used on a daily basis in the shop and on the phone. And last but not least we looked at methods that each business could apply to bind the one time customer and transform him/her into a loyal client. We talked about the importance of establishing a relationship in order to build a longterm, successful enterprise.


Opening a store feels like being in the dessert. You have to be noticed and attract the customers.


Marketing: Aumentar las ventas from Bettina Grr
You can watch the whole slideshow here on slideshare (http://www.slideshare.net/BetGrr/taller-de-marketing-emprend
edoras-de-chile) or read more about marketing on my blog (http://thestartupexperience.net).


 Bettina Groß