“Learn from Chile” says Vivek Wadhwa


Vivek Wadhwa spent a couple days with us last month and gather 400 people in a meetup. He spent hours and hours talking to the entrepreneurs in the program, discussing with us, helping us think how to keep moving Start-Up Chile in order to build a heaven on earth from entrepreneurs. Vivek Wadhwa is, just like us, committed to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chile.

Just like after his previous visit to Santiago, he wrote about Start-Up Chile. On his column, published on Business Week , he talks about boosting an entrepreneurial ecosystem by overcoming any fears people might have against immigration. He remembers his readers of the bet behind the creation of this program: “That foreigners would create a mini-Silicon Valley by bringing fresh ideas and providing locals with connections and encouragement to take risks.” He is happy to say that what was once an experiment turned out great: “Start-Up Chile has exceeded expectations,” he states. Talented people are applying from 70 countries in the world, and, “most important, Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurship has been spreading in and around the South American country.The events I saw during my last two trips to Chile were at least as dynamic as those that happen in the Valley every night.”

We agree 100% on that. Read the whole column here.