Lean Startup Machine has been around a lot lately…what´s their plan for LatAm?


Last weekend, Lean Start-Up Machine visited Santiago to host another version of their awesome workshops. You know how it goes: one weekend, a bunch of entrepreneurs with great ideas, and a whole lot of “getting out of the building.”

On Monday, Jefrey Bulla visited the Start-Up Chile headquearters at CMI for a Lean Startup Machine private workshop. Before he left the building we took a few moments of Jefrey´s time to ask him something pretty straightforward: why has Lean Startup Machine increased their presence in LatAm so much? This is the second Lean Startup Machine workshop that has taken place in Chile this year, and that´s a lot if you consider they had never hosted a workshop in LatAm before 2012. Here is what Jefrey had to say:

SUP: Lean Startup Machine has increased its presence in Santiago a lot this year. Why is that? Are there any long term plans?

Jefrey:  “Lean Startup Machine had never been in LatAm until 2012. I joined the team at Lean Startup Machine with the specific dream and mission of bringing it all the way here. The first workshop was hosted in July this year and I decided it should take place in Santiago as a way to recognize all the hard work Chile has devoted to help entrepreneurs. More specifically, that applause goes to Start-Up Chile, because of all the hard work and all the buzz they have around them abroad. I was very curious about what was happening here in Santiago and we thought ‘well, lets give them the chance to be the first ones in LatAm to try out the Lean Startup Machine workshops’ and we came.

SUP: And what did you find in Santiago? What captured your attention?

Jefrey: I was surprised because, even though it is a small ecosystem, there are people working hard to make it grow, and these people have a global mindset, an achiever´s mindset. They really want to transform Chile. They realize how much talent and potential there is here, and they know nothing should stop them.

I also noticed that, because it is a small ecosystem, it is well connected. Everyone knows everyone, and that is a very good thing. What needs to be done so we all move forward is to help each other, to work collaboratively to take our projects to the next level.

SUP: And what´s next? This is the second time Lean Startup Machine is in Chile, so what happens next? Taking Lean Startup Machine to another country?

Jefrey: After Santiago, we decided the next country to visit should be Brazil and Mexico, so we already have events scheduled on those countries. Next year we will visit Bogotá, in Colombia, and well: I am flying tonight to Buenos Aires!

So now you know: entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, get ready for some Lean Startup Machine magic!