Latin American Startup Flipter Is Acquired by 1World, Silicon Valley’s Leading Engagement Applications and Consumer Intelligence Company


San Jose, CA and Monterrey, NL, Mexico — September 24, 2014 — Flipter, the leading social polling solution for publishers and brands in Latin America, has announced that it will be merging with 1World Online, Inc., the market-leading engagement applications, content, and analytics platform company from Silicon Valley.”This is a fantastic move, we are now one step closer to reaching our vision of building the world’s largest database of opinions,” says, Salvador de la Barrera, Flipter’s Mexican CEO and Founder.

This acquisition offers new and exciting opportunities for both companies, as the Flipter team will be joining 1World, and the combined operation is in a unique position to continue to develop the best possible tools to help understand audiences and customers, while driving engagement and increasing revenue and traffic to digital properties. The terms of the acquisition are not being made public.”We see great opportunities in the region, and by combining with Flipter we are now the leading opinion gathering engine in the Western Hemisphere” says, Alex Fedoseev, 1World’s CEO. “We also see this strategic move as a good way to connect SiliconValley with Latin America and maybe inspire other Silicon Valley firms to do the same…we are increasingly becoming ‘one world’ connected together after all.”

The acquisition was first announced last week at the annual AlwaysOn OnMedia event, hosted at the NASDAQ offices in New York, where 1World was receiving a “OnMedia 50” award as one of the Top 50 Digital Media start-up companies. 1World recently became the top vendor in its sector, via the independent Alexa rankings service, even before the acquisition of Flipter.

Flipter will now begin to operate as 1World Latin America, with Salvador de la Barrera leading growth and sales in the region as GM for 1World Latin America. He will also continue to support the product teams and lead the transitioning of Flipter customers over to the 1World’s multi-lingual publisher platform.


About 1World Online

1World Online has developed and maintains a Consumer Intelligence Platform providing simple but effective engagement applications, unique-engaging content, ongoing market research, and insightful end-user analytics. 1World is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices in San Jose, CA, the USA East coast, Europe, India, now Latin America, and soon Asia (China, Japan) as well. The 1World service is available on the Web at, for iPhone in the App Store and for Android devices in Google Play and for Windows 8 in Windows Store.
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About Flipter

Flipter, beyond being the leading social polling vendor in Latin America, was a globe-trotting startup as it was the winner of the Hong Kong Creative micro Fund in 2010, was incubated by Cyberport Hong Kong 2011 – 2013, launched at Echelon in Singapore in 2011, was selected for Startup Chile, generation 2 in 2012, and was a 2013 graduate of Naranya Labs Mexico’s leading mobile commerce accelerator program, Generation 1.