LATAM Startups Conference 2014


Today Start-Up Chile announced their support for the LatAm Startups Conference, the biggest startups event in Latin America. The Conference will bring together top North American investors and the best startups in Latin America.

“Many investors are unwilling to invest in startups outside of Silicon Valley,” said Conference  co-founder Miryam Lazarte in a statement. “Our goal is to convince them that Latin American startups are worth investing in.”

Unlike most startup events–competitions in which startups pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, who  award a cash prize–the LatAm Startups Conference is doing something different. Startups will get the chance to sit down and pitch investors one-on-one.

“Competitions are great, but rarely result in startups receiving Series A funding,” said Lazarte. “Our goal is to help startups get the financing they need to scale globally. That’s why startups must have previously received seed capital from an incubator or bona fide investor in order to participate.”

In addition to organizing B2B meetings, the Conference will also play host to top thought leaders from across Latin America, including Sebastian Vidal, CEO of Start-Up Chile; Felipe Matos, COO of Startup Brasil; Marcus Dantus, CEO of Startup Mexico; and Francisco Coronel, co-founder of NXTP Labs.

The goal? A symposium to answer the question: How can Latin America grow its startup ecosystem?

“The decreasing cost of innovation is decentralizing power and wealth,” pointed out Lazarte. “These days you don’t have to move to Silicon Valley to be successful. There’s no reason Latin America can’t  innovate on an equal footing with any other country in the world.”

The LatAm Startups Conference takes place September 26 & 27 at the Centro de Innovacion at the Universidad Catolica in Santiago, Chile.


Contact: Miryam Lazarte
LatAm Startups Conference