Language Systems Featured on Total Education Show

Projects & Participants

David Lancashire, founder of Language Systems and Chino Ahora, was featured on the Total Education Show, an hour-long education focused talk show. He and his business partner, Echo Yao, conversed with the host, Neil Haley, about the state of the language learning industry and how Language System’s “business model is changing the industry by reducing the need for high prices and advertising-centered business models,” adds Lancashire.

Haley, CEO of Total Tutor and education expert, spoke of his experience as a tutor and how the internet has making one-on-one learning more competitive with physical classes, revolutionizing the expense/attention ratio in classrooms.

Rounding out the conversation, David and Echo talked about their experience participating in Start-Up Chile and “how great is was to be able to have the capital to expand into Spanish given that [they’re] basically bootstrapping ourselves up from nothing.”

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