Ladies and gentleman! These are the 100 startups chosen to be part of Generation 12


The twelfth generation is the last group of startups to be selected during 2014. These startups hail from 25 countries and from all corners of the globe. The next application process will open on the 13th of January, 2015.


SANTIAGO, Chile- December 5th 2014- After receiving more than 2,400 applications, a new record for Start-Up Chile, we are ready to announce the next 100 startups that come from all over the world to join our global community. We welcome this new generation to the #SUPBand beginning the 23rd of February, 2015.

In this new generation, the most represented countries are the USA (21%), Chile (20%), Argentina (14%), India (8%) and Ireland (5%).

On the other hand, the most represented industries are IT & Enterprise Software (25%), E-commerce (10%) and Media and Advertising (9%).

Regarding gender, 14% are female founders and 86% are male founders.

And last but not least, we welcome the first startup in Start-Up Chile history from Taiwan. Congratulations!

Ladies and gentleman, we give you Generation 12.

In Brandtrack we offer an smart in-store musicalization solution for brands. Our business oriented music player, Brandtrack App, allows us to develop intelligent playlists for our clients, taking into account their brand identity and customer profile.


We’re changing the way feedback is received by companies.  We allow customers to individually review front-line associates they’ve worked with, and in turn those associates can see that feedback and learn from it.

Hoope: get engaged with your health

Interactive platform (web and app) where users can find valuable information about sexually transmitted diseases and follow up recommendations based on their test results from an affordable, easy to use medical device that enables painless and rapid testing for 4 STDs (syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and chlamydia) in one test.

Satta Project

Satta is the first Latin America advanced music streaming platform aimed at helping the consumer discover new music for specific moods or tasks while promoting upcoming and rising artists.

The Squeeze

A fresh approach to the wine and destinations of Chile with app guides for tourism hubs and wineries, engaging editorial, visitors’ and expert forums, and a dedicated concierge service and trip planning agency.

WordUp Games

We are reinventing language learning through online gaming and pairing international users.

The time-consuming and expensive international shipping industry needed a change. was created with the objective of creating a business-to-business professional ecosystem that will make international shipping more effective for both importers/exporters and fright forward companies.

Our platform allows importers/exporters to get rate quotes from many different freight forwarders.


Polen allows buyers in any online store to turn part of their purchases into donations at no additional cost; customer feel better about their purchase, charities benefit and stores create stronger and better relations with their customers.


Wellth seeks to solve big problems with big data and mobile technology.  We are aligning the incentives of health insurers and their members by creating a system of targeted financial rewards for healthy behavior changes and actions.  We hope to drastically reduce healthcare costs and make people much healthier.


UAV-IQ is an early-cycle entrant into the precision agriculture industry offering a unique, cost effective, full service solution that utilizes data collected from unmanned aerial vehicles to provide actionable, high resolution imagery and analysis delivered through mobile enabled platforms to improve crop yields for vineyard and orchard owners.

Rock N Roll Games – The ‘Nike’ for Mobile Games

In the same way Nike create and sells official jerseys of sports clubs (i.e. Barcelona FC), we create and sell official videogames of clubs and superstars with a revenue-share model.

We currently have the rights of Boca Juniors (#1 soccer club in Argentina) and Lionel Messi (#1 player in Argentina).


Relatas is a Business Relationship Intelligence product that helps you with secure cloud scheduling with intelligence about the person you are meeting and micro-page level document analysis. Relatas bridges an important hiatus in our daily life.

Echelon Creative

Echelon Creative makes content-rich messengering apps that help people learn languages quickly in an immersive social setting.


Any image you can imagine, we can create, affordably and quickly through our network of up-and-coming artists based in countries around the world. ArtCorgi is a network of marketplaces including,,, Artsy.Cards, and


WizEngage is focused on Amplifying real time audience engagement for Brands, Event Hosts, Event Sponsors alike by using related Social Media content generated in localized environments.

Example – Events such as Conferences, Exhibitions, product launches, sports tournaments & places such as Malls, Lounges, Auditoriums to name few.


Fun YouTube market game where every video has a price proportional to its popularity. Players trade videos and challenge their friends to predict virality. We help YouTube channels increase their user-video interactions. Big data enables us to build predictive analytics on virality, useful to numerous brands and agencies.


Filtr is redefining the way companies find and hire employees. For companies, Filtr provides a platform to pre-screen candidates using customized skill-based tests even before conducting interviews, saving both cost and time. For Job-Seekers, its a platform to showcase their proficiency, in-turn improving their chances of getting discovered and hired.


Elixircoin is a next-generation cryptocurrency, providing the most secure and anonymous payment system in the multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency market. Our cryptocurrency features zero-knowledge proofs, keeping payment information completely anonymized. Our founding team includes the creator of Vertcoin, which reached a $9.5 million market cap within 2 weeks of launch.


We provide the ability for construction firms to remotely monitor the progress of building projects. Our technology is a combination of advanced machine vision algorithms, high power webcams, and cloud-based storage and access. Now, management teams can optimize site visits they have to make, a time consuming and costly process.

DELI Amsterdam (soon to be DELI Global)

Living in a large city can be exciting and full of possibilities. While having choices is great,  it can also be overwhelming. DELI uses 6 simple questions, a comprehensive algorithm and an in-depth database of the best locations to give you a tailor-made guide to your city.


TourPages is an online website and marketing platform for the hundreds of thousands of tour operators around the world. Pick your design, upload your content and integrate your booking software to have a sales-generating machine that runs faster than Usain Bolt and works better on mobile than Steve Jobs.


Our mission is to use technology to create the most satisfying experience in contracting services. By satisfying we understand: offer the prices right away with the detailed information, fast, accurate, up to date and reliable.


nuTerra measures the pulse of the Earth for informed action. Our platform converges satellite data streams, including hyper-spectral images that classify materials, to quantify changes in our environment. Applications include tracking disasters, mining, water, and more. We use remote monitoring to help raise awareness, drive decisions, and accelerate responsible governance.

Precog Analytics

Precog Analytics provides data analysis, performance assessment and predictive tools for bridge and building structures managers around the globe.


QWER.RE wants to make internet content accessible for ALL. Providing a graphic layout, QWER.RE helps people with visual imparities to autonomously reed  and access information on the internet. This framework is studied to be connected with content websites for example and making easy to read the news.


Data Management Platform & Data Marketplace for LatAm Market.

We make Big Data actionable for marketers and publishers by buying, combining, processing and selling large sets of data to make ad targeting more efficient and drive deep insights about their online audiences.


Zursh is the first marketplace for business research. For professionals, Zursh minimized time, cost & complexity of getting quality research.

 Zursh is a crowsourcing research engine connecting professionals in need of research with a network of researchers, academic professionals and research companies.


Freshwater seek on a self-sustaining solution to give access to drinking water to homes and isolated communities without access to fresh and consumable water, avoiding disease and deterioration in the life quality of people by evolving the vision of water as a commodity to a social good.


Beerly is a web platform that brings the best of national (and soon international) craft beers to the people, through a subscription system to get new beers each month and an e-commerce to bring together all the varieties of national (and soon international) craft beers.

Project Nuevo Mundo

Project Nuevo Mundo is a network connecting individuals with centers that provide transformational education and immersion in lifestyles of health and sustainability (LOHAS). The site includes a two-way rating and review system similar to AirBnB. The users of the platform can add centre’s as they travel, organically expanding our network.

PromoRepublic is an every-day-marketing platform for owners of online shops that helps acquire and engage new customers from social networks.

Austral Biometrics

Austral Biometrics develops a diagnosis software designed specifically to detect genetic diseases. Our software’s interface helps the user to reach a diagnosis through face recognition interfaced with our medical database, and it can be used by any physician, without the need for extensive knowledge in genetics.


With USD 650k in sales and 400k suscribed users, Vontravel is the leading company in short trips and getaways in Latin America. Hotels increase their occupancy levels selling their surplus rooms and users enjoy top hotels with outstanding deals. Revenue: USD 170k since June13. It is a 500Startups company.


MOBA is an integrated solution to housing emergencies and the following permanent housing requirements that arise from natural disasters.

By means of a base module MOBA provides a solution to the emergency that is later part of a larger permanent high standard housing project.

Conecten Fundraising

ConectenFundraising is a social enterprise that helps foundations and social action projects to raise money for their causes.We have developed a new method that can definitely change the way to make donations.With this new method,families will not have to spend money from their own pockets to help others in need.


ConversionMonk boosts website sales & conversions with behavioral science. We decipher each visitor’s buying concerns & motives and auto-magically react with Real-Time Behavioral Targeting. Our proven, revolutionary system quickly increases website sales and conversions and converts your worthless traffic into customers and subscribers.

Intelligent Parking Mobility [IPM]

IPM is a start-up company which provides technological products and services. The company applies Smart City technology to solve problems within the context of mobility in retail, discovering a new market niche: intelligent deployment of services and mobility product for malls, other massive attractors and their large parking areas.


Trile is a Chilean photovoltaic engineering Startup that combines architecture and design with photovoltaic generation.


“NutriUpp” is an application for mobile devices that delivers simplified nutrition information of the products,.


GatoMil permite a los usuarios de telefonía móvil (con o sin saldo) realizar llamadas gratuitas a cambio de escuchar un anuncio publicitario previo a la llamada.

Pykih Data Visualisation

We help data journalists, software companies and businesses with visually representing data to make the data intuitively simple and actionable for managers / readers. We make numbers simple for a non-numbers person. We have helped companies like Microsoft, 500 start-ups, Europeana, FirstPost (Network 18), etc.


Ayni (reciprocal help in Kichwa, Ecuador) is the social good network that connects people and businesses with the causes they want creating local communities and raising awareness about social actions.

Winner of Facebook Creativity Award during Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013.


Optmyzr is a SaaS based solution that enables powerful and easy management of digital marketing campaigns on advertising platforms like AdWords. Our tools reduce the time advertisers spend on repetitive reporting and account optimization tasks, and at the same time get results that are better by orders of magnitude.

Simplit Solutions

Simplit is a company dedicated to process optimization by means of designing innovative technological solutions for highly complex problems. We look for opportunities to improve upon the logistics and operations of companies – using our expertise in optimization – to strengthen our clients’ business.


Rondapp is a remote notifications app that allows users to do virtual queuing and remote waiting for a product or service. This application is focused in businesses like a public notary, fast food restaurants, laundries, car wash, beauty salons, among others.

World Tech Makers

World Tech Makers is pioneering on-site beginner-focused, immersive coding bootcamps in Latin America. We focus on teaching students how to make web apps from scratch while connecting them with national and international hiring allies with the entrepreneurship and technology ecosystems.


DigiRep is a Website where Brands/Marketing Agencies will be able to generate social media campaigns with celebrities/influencers. Brands/Marketing Agencies will select registered celebrities and task them to post on their social network (twitter, instagram, facebook, linkedin) a promotional message. Celebs will be paid for that.


TUUDU is an activity discovery app that allow users to simply find exciting, personalised and rewarding they love doing by connecting them with activity providers, merchants and businesses.


Neurolize is a neuromarketing software company that created a special analysis program for this new market research method. Our primary focus is on appreciation of smell and flavor. Today this program in  use in Turkey but we want to offer this program  to other neuromarketing companies around the globe.


BananaDesk is the complete Front Desk Solution (PMS + CMS + more) custom-built for hostels. We aim to give hostels powerful tools to manage a profitable business, connect with each other more easily, and enjoy life with more free time.

Perleybrook Labs

Specializes in  enterprise building security. Perleybrook provides a cloud based building security management software and hardwares.


Meshh is a market share solution for social media managers and planners.

Meshh tracks people who liked posts that your brand and your competitors’ brands have published and calculates your market share.


Planeve is a marketplace for Event Planning.

It offers “event experiences” from event professionals (planners or venues) to anyone who wants to throw a party (birthday, kids, wedding, baby shower, corporate, etc) in a modern and visual ‘Airbnb’ web platform style. Planeve aims to disrupt the events sector!


Sens-eCare is a web-based service that provides personalized recommendations to patients through a watch-like device (Sens-eWatch), and to his or her caretakers, according to blood pressure, heart rate and other biometric data collected through the SenseWatch.


In Sensus3D, we look to create training and specialization techniques, through simulations, in the world of haptics and virtual reality. We seek to improve our clients abilities, in areas such as as medicine and engineering. Our simulators provide a realistic environment through a Virtual World combined with Haptics force feedback.

Web platform for Carrier Industry Supply Chain, which includes: Parts, Equipment and Service suppliers, carriers of course and finally, the Clients.


Digital magazines creator for content marketing / MailChimp for digital publishing

Money King

Making international money transfers simple for immigrants and foreign workers sending money home or simply the Uber of Money Transfers

The money transfer process is complex and customers want service!

We are challenging the dominance of Western Union with a better business model built around technology

Hydration, Inc.

Hydration created Blue Can as the alternative to plastic bottles: long-lasting great-tasting water in cans. Our high-tech filtration, sterilization, pressurization, and hermetic sealing keeps the water pure for decades. Blue Can emergency water helps communities become more resilient to disasters. Through scaling retail production, we aspire to preempt plastic pollution.


Huzzaz is a place for people to dive in to their passions and interests through uninterrupted streaming video collections. The site enables its users to collect, share and discover videos that are organized by topics ranging from sports highlights to scientific theories.

Former Ecociclus (Name Under Development)

Former Ecociclus is an Enterprise Waste Management Solution (SaaS) and Information System focused on providing the toolkit & methodology for waste reduction, recycling and adequate disposal, that will ultimately contribute towards enterprises financial and operating savings & environmental risk mitigation. It is pioneering the introduction of The Circular Economy.


Project collaboration platform for small & medium businesses.


Eskalab focuses on helping decision makers of restaurants to take strategic decisions based on their sales data. We designed a computational platform able to extract the data from the POS and generate reports to forecast the demand, optimize personnel and stock, categorize their products and understand costumer’s decisions.


Netflix for sports and wellness.

SinRutina allows its users to work out in a flexible and economic way. At its website you can pay a unique monthly subscription that gives you access to all venues in their network. SinRutina is the largest gym and fitness centers network in Argentina.

Factor Finanzas

Factor Finanzas is a cloud-based platform that allows individuals from Latin America to learn about personal finances and to access an affordable personalized financial service. We want to give every Latin individual the opportunity to have a healthy financial life by increasing access, convenience and affordability to financial advice.


Gigstarter is a new way to promote and sell tickets to gigs. By eliminating the middlemen, we connect fans and musicians like never before.


Service on setting and achieving goals SmartProgress helps to formulate your goals and gives a possibility to keep achievements’ blog. The service unites people with similar goals for best experience exchange and mutual help between members.


SolCor is a company bringing green, cheaper energy to Latin America. SolCor will  deliver complete solar energy solutions on company roofs funded by external investors. This allows SolCor to deliver energy under grid prices for the companies while creating a low risk return for the investor.

The Coffee Kit

The Coffee Kit is an online subscription service where you can order freshly-roasted coffee beans and buy the necessary equipment to prepare quality coffee at home or office. Our aim is to bring the specialty coffee revolution to new markets and to your comfort zone, through a quality customer experience.

aceitaFacil pagamentos

aceitaFacil enables businesses to accept payments in their websites or mobile apps almost instantly using secure payment technology based on tokenization. Our focus are innovative business models that need automated and flexible solutions with significant efficiencies and cost reductions based on split payments for multiple receivers and subscriptions/recurring payments.


In 2011 the UN declared Internet access a human right. However, there are millions of families throughout Latin America without internet access due to a lack of telecomm infrastructure for a variety of reasons. We at Halcom solve this by providing affordable Internet and Wi-Fi services through neighborhood grocery stores.

Desert Point Technologies

We reduce accidents for truck and bus companies.

Through a web-based business intelligence platform we help transport companies monitor and manage the risks of their operations. This is supported by a unique predictive model we have developed with data of over 1.500 drivers over 4 years, on several different operations.


Highfield Lab s.r.l.s is digital startup active in IT and webapp, established in January 2014 for developing and selling the app “Lectios”.

The company’s registered office is in Venice-Italy and it is currently incubated at VegaInube, within VEGA (VEnice GAteway for Science and Technology) Park of Venice.


CardBotix is a company that wants to take care of the mundane parts in your life. Let us focus on simplifying your life so that you get time to do what you do best.


Sentimoto aims to support older people in remaining healthy, independent, and well-integrated with their communities and families. We create wearable analysis platform, allowing trusted sharing of older adult’s lifestyle and health insights with their family and friends, helping reduce health concerns and address possible risks early and sensibly.


NextRound is a mobile platform where businesses (e.g. bars, restaurants, hotels, beauty-centers etc) can promote real time deals and apply strategies of dynamic pricing to maximize their income. Thanks to geo-location, users have access to walking-distance deals which can be enjoyed immediately at maximized convenience.

Simple Candidate (

Simple Candidate is an innovative and ludic personality assessment tool for recruiters in the HR field.


Orgaroo is a one-stop shop platform that allows Administrative Professionals to manage their executives’s daily tasks, calendar and events in an organized and efficient manner. Orgaroo provides a quick, easy and efficient way to organize, prioritize, collaborate and sync tasks in real-time, through a seamless communication platform.


Pluralitas is a new journalistic tool for online media platforms. Our service enables journalists to ‘crowd interview’ a selected area of Internet users and stimulate the generation of a plurality of newsworthy content. An innovative tool that put journalists face-to-face with citizens.


SkillGravity is an internal employee network that helps to reduce costs up to 50% on hiring external talents & increase retention and engagement while better utilizing the skill sets and expertise the employees at hand already possess.


Parso is a complete parking management solution for both street and private parking. Through our product, drivers can reserve and pay for parking using their phones in a easy and intuitive way, while local governments and parking lot owners are able collect revenue and manage parking areas without much effort.


CliniFact is an app for digitizing health records, using a natural approach

It combines the social acceptance and portability of pen and paper with a computer’s ability to store, share, and analyze data

It is a painless, affordable, mobile application for doctors, preserving their standard workflow (LATAM) / Arcade Me (US)

Duolingo/Treehouse for game designers. We teach ‘company certified’ courses so students can learn different game engines. We’ve also linked with regional game designer communities.

Lux Sensor

LuxSensor is a technology startup that develops an optical-electrical system for in-line real-time measurement and controlling of sugar concentration in a homogeneous solution for industrial fermentation process. Our solution is applicable in wine, beer, cachaça and ethanol industries, and maintenance of the system does not require halting the production.


Selfmapping is a complex HR-diagnostic software, which enables companies to evaluate their workforce, identify the key areas to be developed and create their HR action and development plans within minutes. Furthermore, Selfmapping makes the continuous organisational development quantifiable from HR perspective as well.


CareLab is a platform where patients can aggregate their laboratory results, and get these presented in an easy to understand and intuitive manner. This will empower patients – primarily in developing countries – to get a better understanding of their health status it’s and development over time.


INDUSTRIOUS is a market intelligence platform for knowledge workers and senior executives to keep track of industry trends, customer and competitor news, talent movements, and trending information within their peer network. Our proprietary algorithm and content graph, delivers relevant and actionable news, analysis, case studies, benchmark reports and more.


Plored is a platform where users create social content by sharing their outfits’ photos and tagging the clothes’ brands. Each tag will redirect users to online brand stores to purchase the same garment.

For every click received in those tags, the owners of the content will get cash.


Simplicar targets to become the leading online platform for vehicles sale via affinity groups in Latin America, leveraging group buying power to provide its affinity group members with competitive prices from its dealership network. As a closed one-stop shop where car buyers have access to an exclusive vehicle purchasing service.

Boxoffice Metrics GmbH

Boxoffice Metrics solves decision making in the motion picture industry providing data, analytics and collaboration for global teams. The service addresses companies along the whole value chain of the film industry and will revolutionise the art of the financial evaluation of movies.


Jumble is a simple encryption service and its unique selling point is its key generation and distribution features which take the pain out of the encryption process.  Jumble is currently available for Gmail with more platforms being developed.


Earlyclaim reserves your favorite username in new startups and manages all communication in a smart, non spammy way


We are a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows at-home bakers to list and sell their delicious home-made goods to cravers in their local communities. We are the online bake sale.


Mobile messaging app that works without internet or phone services, over large distances.


We are IFTTT for online advertising.

Casa S_Low

Casa S_Low is a team of architects and engineers who carry out Healthy, Sustainable, and Economic buildings through our patented construction system: Modular Bioconstruction System S_Low (MBS_Low). It consists of a mix of timber frame structure and rammed earth walling in an innovating way, using a modular and semi-prefab system.


Browsy makes Pinterest shoppable by identifying the fashion products in your pins and then helping you find them at the lowest price available.

Your customers want to call you.

We provide you with a toll free phone number you can stick on your website to capture inbound sales interest. When a customer calls that number, we’ll ring your sales people, depending on who’s on schedule, or take a voicemail.


For activity businesses that are spending more time sending emails and answering calls than developing their business, Acteavo is your booking solution that synchronises all of your business into one simple calendar through simple inventory management, flexible scheduling and partner management.


Marketing Automation as a Service, through social analytics using BigData and Linguistic Analysis to infer individual desire, collective sentiment, and simulate opinion propagation. .