Kraftwerk Installs Energy Saving Measures in Chile

Projects & Participants

Karsten Schulte– a PhD in physics and solar power/energy efficiency expert, and his cofounder Hans Hall, a mechanical engineer, have arrived to Chile as part of Start-Up Chile’s 1st round of 2011 to develop their company Kraftwerk in Latin America. They bring with them a much needed focus on energy efficiency seeing as Chile is facing a major energy crisis, for which the government is “seeking to boost and diversify its power grid to confront rising energy needs and shortages,” according to a Reuters report.

As one of the more advanced startups in the group, they have already executed a pilot test of their product, the Power Controller, in the Tunel San Cristobal, one of Santiago’s most frequented thoroughfares with the help of COPSA, Chile’s Association of Public Infrastructure Works. The Power Controller is “a small device which optimizes the operation of metal halide lamps and fluorescent lamps used for street lighting, indoor in warehouses, shopping centers, etc., thus saving 20-40% of total energy costs” says the duo behind the startup. With the success of the pilot testing, they’ve officially paired with three of Santiago’s largest municipalities (Puente Alto, Santiago, and Las Condes) to implement the device within their vicinities.

Their collective expertise also includes photovoltaic solar energy which they have similarly begun implementing in Chile, focusing on the Northernmost regions– considered one of the sun “meccas” of the world. Currently, they’re working with a large scale fruit company that primarily produces grapes for Chile’s now world-famous wine industry to incorporate photovoltaic power into their operations. Once terminated, the project will be the largest photovoltaic panel park in all of Chile.

If you are interested in getting in contact with the Kraftwerk team, please click here. And if you are an energy startup interesting in using Chile as a platform to go global, apply today to participate in the program!