KidBox Wins Red Innova’s Startup Competition

Projects & Participants

Of the 20 startups that were selected as finalists in the Red Innova competition held this week in Sao Paolo, Brazil, four were Start-Up Chile participants, including the grand winner, KidBox. From Uruguay with representatives in Argentina and Brazil and founded in 2010, KidBox offers “safe and fun internet for kids,” and is slated to arrive to Chile as part of Start-Up Chile’s 2nd generation in January, 2012.

Their team is a group of entrepreneurs who have previously worked for brands like Disney, Discovery Kids, Pearson Longman, and One LaptopPer Child (OLPC), among others. The product they offer is currently available in Spanish and their plan is to similarly convert it into Portuguese. According to a recent post in TheNextWeb, “Translation isn’t the only improvement in the plans. According to the startup, while its beta product is only compatible with Windows, the team is also working on making it available across multiple platforms, including Mac, iOS and Android.”

StartBull, CAPSDOC, and Leafer were the other Start-Up Chile participants who were chosen as finalists in the Ibero-American startup competition representing Colombia, Brazil, and Portugal (respectively).

To learn more about KidBox, take a look at this video: