Keeping an eye on them: suppers in the press!


Startup VOZ, which focuses on high fashion and Mapuche artisans, was featured by a largely read girls magazine in Chile. Its a beautiful story reporting deep on VOZ’s story and Jasmine Aaron’s passion for fair trade. Read it here!

We are hosting a meetup in Dubai! There is quite a lot of meetups scheduled for September, keep an eye on them via our page. Sebastián Vidal, our Assistant Director, traveled to Mexico for an international conference on entrepreneurship. We hope to get tons of applicants from Dubai and Mexico!

We #neverstop, which means than while our application process is open, we’ll host a DemoDay in San Francisco. Read about it at Pulso Social!

We announced our next generation of startups! Pulso Social writes about those invited to join Gen8!

Did you hear mentioned the tons of awesome female founders we have in Santiago? There is quite a buzz about that locally now, read more at FayerWayer!

Advice Me Tech got featured at El Paí!

There are more and more biotech projects getting started in Chile. Start-Up Chile has supported 51 of those, and Diario Financiero is talking about the possibilities of biotech in Chile. Horacio Melo, SUP’s Executive Director, shares his perspective on the issue, and suppers at Phage Technologies get special attention. Read the piece, here!