JobConvo Enters Private Beta, Seeks Feedback

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Ronaldo Martins, the Brazilian Founder of JobConvo, was tired of wasting the time and energy attending job interviews that (luckily for his entrepreneurial career) didn’t pan out. He figured that each interview cost him on average four hours and, at Sao Paulo’s exorbitant taxi rate, up to $50. The innovative cogs began to spin in his mind and thus, his idea for JobConvo was born.

JobConvo is a cost-effective solution to speed up the talent recruitment process by using asynchronous video job interviews so that candidates can be quickly evaluated by the recruiter without relying on schedule compatibility. After arriving as part of Start-Up Chile in July, they have recently advanced to the private beta stage “focusing on improving the platform’s performance and making adjustments based on users’ feedback,” according to Karla Lopez, JobConvo’s business development officer.

She adds that, in utilizing JobConvo’s platform, the “key benefit for customers is the reduction of risk and time” while it’s traits are the following:

  • create and send an interview for five candidates in less than 5 minutes,
  • each interview lasts a maximum of half an hour without delays or schedule incompatibility due to its digital nature,
  • the evaluation of the candidate is done in a structured way (with comparison and notes) and automatically generates a video-report for recruiter,
  • customers will pay for credits (6 to test it out for free) based of the number of interviews they will be conducting.

If you are interested in helping test the beta version of JobConvo, please sign up here to receive an invitation.