James Adams: Innovation, Competition, and Creativity


We are proud to announce that James Adams, the father of design thinking, the former Dean of the Stanford Engineering School, and one of the main pillars of  Silicon Valley’s success as the foremost innovation and entrepreneurship hub of the world will be giving a speech denominated: Innovation, Competition, and Creativity. For this talk, Mr. Adams will be joined by Nicolas Shea, Start-Up Chile’s CEO and Avisor to the Ministry of Economy.

Mr. Adams is an honored presence and an incredibly accomplished man having helped design the first spacecraft to explore the Moon, Venus and Mars. In addition, he has consulted and conducted seminars on the topics of creativity, innovation, general problem-solving, organizational change, management of R&D, planning, and design for over 100 commercial clients, ranging from large to small and technical to financial. A popular author, he has written Conceptual Blockbusting, a popular book on creative thinking, The Care and Feeding of Ideas, a book directed toward the management of creativity and change, and Flying Buttresses, Entropy, and O-Rings, a book on the nature of engineering.

This is an unmissable opportunity for which the Faculty of Economy and Business of the University of Chile has created this event with the following details:

Date: May 18th, 2011
Time: 11:30am
Location: Aula Magna, University of Chile, Diagonal Paraguay 205, Santiago Centro
Sign-Up (required): http://eventos.fen.uchile.cl/ver/charla-innovacion-2011