Its ON! SUPBoat is about to sail off to 50 cities around the world!


The most exciting time at Start-Up Chile is almost here: the SUPBoat is getting ready to sail off and visit 50 cities around the world to let you know everything about our upcoming application process! On March 11th, Start-Up Chile launches its 7th application process. On that same date, the SUPBoat begins its journey: suppers, staff, and SUP alumni will host meetups in 50 different cities around the globe. We will spread the word about the program and answer questions from potential applicants. If you are interested in our program, make sure to stay updated about SUP Boat´s whereabouts, so you can attend the meetups we host close to home. Make sure to follow this blog and our twitter to stay updated about where is the SUPBoat.

But where does SUPBoat begin its journey?  We will launch our 7th application process by hosting a meetup at SXSW! If you are there, join us! Right after the meetup, SUPBoat sails off. In the following days, we´ll share with you a map pointing out all the cities SUPBoat is visiting, so you can plan accordingly.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don´t let it go!