It´s not *just* about Tech: suppers teach Canvas to kids at social risk


Technology doesn´t necessarily have an importance on its own.  Technology matters as it changes people lives. It changes how we communicate and how we perceive what´s around us. It changes who we are, and this is why we love it so much. To write about tech is to write a chapter in the history of people´s minds.

Suppers Pablo Junyent, Diego Crespo, and Agustina Sartori understand this and take it to whole new levels. A few days ago, a group of suppers teamed up with Forja, a Chilean NGO devoted to promote entrepreneurship among the less privileged ones, and they taught the CANVAS model to groups of kids who were planning business.

Supper Diego Crespo went through the Canvas model with kids working on projects like a local house for events featuring Chilean folclore, a biz set to repair an modify old furniture, and a car washing biz. He left the place “very impressed on how much you can achieve in a country if you teach about entrepreneurship and the tools needed to be a successful entrepreneur.” Diego felt he made an impact on the kids. He said he thinks “the lives of these students will be very different now that they have the basic knowledge they need to move forward.”

Agustina Sartori was very impressed by a team of kids who already had an MVP for their business. They had built a radio that was set up to play during breaks, and this project lead to less drug abuse during the breaks because the kids had something to do together  during that time. Agustina was impressed “not just by the project itself, but also “because of their attitude, their really positive attitude and how determined they were to reach something better for themselves through entrepreneurship.”

Agustina says she´d “totally do this again. It was a really positive experience.”

At the very end, it´s not about the products you develop, but about how you are impacting people´s lives. This group of suppers totally got that right.