It makes us who we are: never stop!


We must always thirst to be up-to-speed with the world’s innovations, seeing how we can be part of it, questioning how we think and how we do things– each day striving to improve. Don’t wait for others to do what you could do yourself.

These series is about the Start-Up Chile values, as experienced by the suppers. They are going to share how are the Start-Up Chile values experienced on a day-to-day basis. This week, we share how “Never stop” is experienced. 


Yehjin Lee, Start-Up Chile’s Event Planner 

When I started as an intern at Start-Up Chile last year, the SUP Staff had just had the idea of organizing the first Demo Day in Chile. This was something that hadn’t been done before and would take a lot of work, but bringing a new way for people to see great projects and hear inspiring talks from people who are involved in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation from around the world was something we knew would be immensely valuable to the local ecosystem.
The success of this initial event opened the doors for different Demo Days from a variety of organizations being held around the country, and we are now at five Demo Days and counting! Looking for new and exciting ideas without being afraid of the challenges makes us better and helps us reach our goal of turning Chile into a real entrepreneurial country.

Leo de la Fuente, founder at 

Time ago I had a dream about a place where people could  get quality education without having to be worried for money or other factors that, nowadays, have turned education into something hard to acquire and to enjoy. I know that what I mentioned before is going to occur at some point in the future, but I simply can’t wait others to make it happen.

I know that I can’t predict if my vision will become something real, but what I can certainly do is work my ass off to build what I once dreamed. The best way to predict the future is building it. Said that, it doesn’t really matters how many problems you will face running your business (because you will have problems), but no matter what, never lose your faith, never give up, don’t follow your dreams chase them! I’m not going to stop until I see the world that I have imagined. Never Stop.