It makes us who we are: Head/Heart Balance


Passion, determination, and perseverance are core values of ours that are, essentially, the building blocks required to create something you believe. We must also be able to put our heart and soul into our ideas without losing focus and objectivity.

These series is about the Start-Up Chile values, as experienced by the suppers. They are going to share how are the Start-Up Chile values experienced on a day-to-day basis. This week, we share how “Head/Heart Balance” is experienced. 


Lull Mengesha, founder at Storyboard Books, on Head/Heart Balance

Start-Up Chile gives us participants a unique opportunity to focus completely on what we’re passionate about. For over a six month period many of us go from employees or part time employees to full time entrepreneurs. Our passion projects can be fully invested in not just time but the money provided by the program.  This however isn’t enough, our desire to bring our ideas to fruition and get through the failure or the all too commonly used “pivot” make us who we are and one of the many reasons why we’ve been selected for Start-Up Chile. I personally have had to go through the challenge of shifting/pivoting from my first idea to something that has more market opportunity. Being around enough people who don’t view that as failure and more a smart decision has made it easier to do.

Leo de la fuente, founder at Edoome, on Head/Heart Balance

Start my own endeavor is probably one of the biggest challenges that I have ever decided to take in my life. I won’t lie, raise a business from the ground is not easy, but when you have the opportunity to turn your dreams into something real, that’s a strong enough reason to start doing it.

As an entrepreneur, I think that one of the things that motivate me every day is that I really love what I do and the passion and conviction that I and our team have has helped us to maintain the strength to persevere and meet our goals.

But not everything is all happiness. Being an entrepreneur is like living on a roller coaster that won’t stop. One day you can be on top of it and the next day you could be at the very bottom. Keeping the focus to react quickly and make the right decisions has been the key to moving forward, which is certainly not easy to do.

Finally, if I have to summarize my experience about being an entrepreneur and being part of Start-Up Chile is that you have to follow your heart; follow the thing that really matters to you… Is not going to be easy, but if you do that you will become a big success.