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InVenture, one of the Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs, is a social enterprise that aims to be a springboard for small businesses so they can grow their businesses and in turn grow their communities. They are already working in India, Mexico and West Africa and are now beginning operations in Chile. Their goal is to create successful businesses that will reinvest back into their communities and create jobs for others.

They have also just been picked as an Unreasonable Institute Finalist! InVenture needs the Chilean entrepreneur community to help them win! They need to raise $8,000 in 38 days from their community to secure one of the 25 spots in the Institute. It is an incredible opportunity that will provide them with seed capital, mentorship, and marketing but much more.

Please visit their page:

Even a small donation will help them achieve their $8,000 goal!
It’s an unreasonable challenge but together we can all make it happen!

Please also help spread the word in these easy ways:
Tweet it: Support @InVenturefund on @beunreasonable Marketplace
– 1st 25 #socent to raise 8K to attend! pls RT! #microfinance

Facebook: Please support InVenture in attending the 2011 Unreasonable Institute! The first 25 to raise $8,000 can attend! Let’s GO!