Intro Day on Mount Olympus


This “article” was written by Team Gift Pinpoint — at 3am while feeling silly and needing a break from working all night!


As we listened to the presentations from all the companies on Intro Day (7.2), there was one very obvious question that was on every single entrepreneur’s mind:

If each company were an ancient Greek God, which one would they be?

Indeed, this all-important question was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and we’ve invested hundreds, perhaps thousands, of milliseconds debating this critical issue. Over alcohol, of course. Here is one humble attempt to see which companies resemble the most each God:

To start with everyone’s favorite Goddess… the Aphrodite of our round is CarteBlanche, a beautiful company helping women become even more beautiful.

Apollo, presiding over the art, is taking the form of CoContest, the crowdsourced site for interior designers.

Dionysius is represented in the form of Epiclist – helping everyone enjoy that very moment. Hopefully an endless cups of Nectar and Wine.

Rawbots seems to be a modern-day incarnation of Hephaestus, the builder of the Gods, who created the Thunderbolt that Zeus throws, for Rawbots gives the lego-like building blocks to children to make robots to help us fight in the war!

Artemis, the Virgin Goddess of little girls, has taken the form of KiddieKist, which provides subscription products for children.

Demeter the Goddess of the Harvest and Grains has taken the form of KunFood, a waiter application for restaurants.

KaraokeSmart is too reminiscent of Polyhymnia, the Muse of Sacred Poetry, encouraging young men and women to sing their poetry every moment!

Hermes, always running around and presiding over commerce and trading, has clearly embodied himself as BoxFox, the B2B marketplace for local stores to resell their unsold inventory.

Clared is the young and beautiful Dike, the Goddess of Justice, ensuring domain disputes are resolved fairly – although her mother is Themis, one of the Titans, thus born from the enemy.

Hera herself – goddess of childbirth – used to transforming Zeus’ lovers into animals, has transformed herself into Preggers, the social network for pregnant women. But Hera is a jealous woman, so beware!

Zeus himself, the God of the Sun, who is leading the war against the Titans, taking the form of… Renooble, the site to help people find solar panels and solar energy to harness the might of the sun itself.

Last and least, Hades himself has made an appearance in Gift Pinpoint, with his Cornucopia in his hand, emerging from the darkest corners of the world, to help everyone give the best gifts – indeed, beautiful Persephone and her endless Spring, is the best gift possible! But remember: Hades was also God of the wealth and money (the ancient Greeks believing all wealth came from underground, from mining… like in Chile!).

But we must not forget: the Gods of Mount Olympus were the children of Cronos – the monster Time, who ate his own children – who rebelled and overthrew their father and the other Titans. We are now part of the war, born in the Bay Area, to overthrow the reign of the modern Cronos and the Titans. Perhaps we will lose this battle, and SUP generation 8 or 9 or 10 will win the war.

Pic by  ovando on Flickr (cc)