Injecting the press with a ton of startup energy


Its another week at Start-Up Chile and its another round of awesome press coverage.

Pulso Social published its 20 startups preselected for #PS10 to be named “Best LatAm startup 2012-2013”KienVeAgentPiggyVite.ioEdoome and GoPlaceit  are representing Start-Up Chile. Kuddos! 

Wallwisher changed its name to Padlet, and TechCrunch is talking about it!

Chris Campbell, founder at Review Trackers, is blogging at FayerWayer. He is writing about how can an entrepreneur get inspiration from Michael Jordan!

CNN Chile aired a piece on failure and entrepreneurship, where Chilean suppers behind Edoome and Nibu got to share about their experiences and learning process. Horacio Melo, SUP´s director, made an emphasis on how failure is one of the deepest lessons that will boost your chances to succeed in the future. Watch the pice below!

Memeoirs is on Pulso Social! Read Fernando Ponce´s piece HERE.

Babelverse and  Outtrippin´rocked out Monday with their appearance at TechCrunch. It is quite an awesome piece because its not your average blah-blah on business milestones, but a pretty in-depth piece on the challenges a global startup faces when it comes to immigration regulations. Make sure to check it out: both startups deal with these issues from very different places, but both are affected by a sometimes too tight system. Piece HERE! 

Escapar keeps grabbing attention from Colombian press! They´ll help you find the best deals for that airplane ticket.

Student Loan Hero is on TechCrunch! They´ll help you not only with keeping track of your loans, but also with the mission of getting rid of them for once and for all. Read more about what they can do for you, here.

JoldIt keeps grabbing media attention. Read about them at diario emprendimiento!

Remember ComparTeVe? The team decided to chage the startup´s name to KienVe and they have big news: KienVe will be used during “Festival de Viña del Mar”, Chile´s biggest music festival. Read about that HERE.

Horacio Melo, SUP´s Director, is blogging again at FayerWayer!

Nathan Lustig and Enrique Fernández are relaunching their entrepreneurship class in Antofagasta and Santiago. If interested, you can apply until March 1st! Pulso Social is talking about them.

Admetricks keeps fueling the media with their awesome studies. Read about the travel industry and their spending on online advertisement thanks to Admetricks at EMOL.

Chilean suppers behind Dentalink got featured pretty in depth by El Mercurio. If you are a dentist or have a clinic, this piece is a must read.

Did you read about on The Next Web? Anna Heim pointed it out as one of the LatAm startups to keep an eye on 😉

Chilean startup got featured by Canal 13 last week. Did you watch that?

Pic by Binuri Ranasinghe on Flickr