Infographic | Why Are Brands Using AI Successful In Business?


AI is a reality in the business world. Yes, there has been a controversy about this digital transformation but let us face it, It’s about time that we start embracing changes rather than fearing them. Don’t you think?


As an upcoming retail business owner, you need to view this transformation from a different angle and take it as an opportunity. Go an extra mile and borrow ideas from those who have already made strides using this technology. Big brands like Amazon, Google and even Sephora are reaping huge dividends because they embraced AI. Here are three ways of how AI has improved their business:


•    Marketing

Most companies are using AI to improve the content of their brand on social media platforms. For example, Post Intelligence is a software that has been designed to come up with a tone or visual content that is meant to attract specific customers. Businesses are now selling products online through various channels such as Facebook and Shopify.

•    A quick way of hiring employees

Some companies are using AI technology known as TensorFlow to hire employees. The robot goes through the many applications submitted and then chooses the ones that are more accurate and deserve attention. Companies can now employ qualified personnel quickly without having to go through the tedious exercise of sorting applications manually.

•    Coming up with a sales strategy

AI has made work easier for sales teams. For instance, Outreach is a software that is already being used by companies to identify potential leads that need to be prioritised by sales representatives. Companies are now spending less to reach potential customers as the sales team doesn’t have to waste time looking for leads.

Businesses should embrace technology with moderation as they will still need creative human minds to help in other areas. Therefore, let there be a balance between AI and the human workforce.