In the press!


Start-Up Chile is writing for Fayerwayer! FayerWayer is a Chilean blog on tech which takes quite a considerable scoop of LatAm readers. We will be writing over there frequently! Our first post is about the newest 100 startups coming to the program. 

IT Expresso is writing about the “Chilecon Valley” while folks at Cinco Días mention our program as an example of things that a country can do to help entrepreneurs and shape an innovation hub. El Mercurio is realizing the world is watching Start-Up Chile very closely!

USA Today is featuring Review Trackers on two different pieces. Kuddos to the team!

Pravin Daryani, founder at Content Forest, got featured in NZ press, Techday. He got to speak out about why did he make the brave decision of moving all the way here, to Chile, to boost his business.

Farol Digital, from Brazil, featured Beagle Bioinformatics and Yupi Studios. Read the piece, HERE!

Paulina Rakowska, founder behind VO FAIR, got featured at her home country, Poland! She is part of our new batch of suppers, Generation #5, and people got curious about what could make someone move all the way to Chile. Her answers, here (in Polish!) 

PaulinaRakowskaTV from Francisco on Vimeo.


Photo by  NS Newsflash on Flickr (cc)