In the press!


There is more for an entrepreneur than food and family during the holidays! Many of them used this time of the year for successful and well-planned media appearances, and here are some of them.

Revista Capital, in Chile, took a close look at “the Chilecon Valley” and wrote about it inside-out. They published a really detailed and in-depth piece about the program that you can read HERE (in Spanish!)

Catmoji launched and got featured by Mashable! Cat lovers get the social media site they have been waiting for!

Escapes with You got some love from Pulso Social. They are partnering with Standford´s Research Institute. Details here!

Gympact, to get started, is targeting all those holding to their New Year resolutions. Read about them on India Talkies and BBC Mundo!

Anna Heim published at The Next Web a piece titled “10 Latin American startups to look out for in 2013” and it is great to see that Agent Piggy and Cinepapaya are representing Start-Up Chile on that list. Kuddos!

Floqq raised 405K in funding! Read about it on

Carlos Solorio, from Arden Reed, talked at about crowdfunding and Kickstarter. Read the piece, here!

Ryan Lou, founder at Krawst, talked to GoBeyondSG about moving all the way to Chile. Read about it HERE! 

El Rancahuaso, from the citizen journalism network Mi Voz, is writing about Tohl and the great help they could be in case of a new earthquake here is Chile. Read about it, HERE! 

Visiting Chile for vacation and needing a car? Visit Geeks Room and to learn about and their service to rent cars with just a couple of clicks.

Pic by prolix6x on Flickr (cc)